Our Linkedin.com profile page is now linked to our 1st radio station & blog feed on 1000 finance topics…

We've been indicating "simultaneous & automated IR Media delivery platforms" for some time. Here a sample of what we mean;

We are accepting subscribers for the ‘SinCityFinancier’ channel on http://www.blogtalkradio.com for topics found on this blogfeed.

Also our http://blip.fm radio station is connected to > Linkedin > is connected to > Facebook > is connected to > Typepads' Bloglink >

which is > connected to http://SinCityFinancier.wordpress.com which in turn posts to facebook, twitter, flikr, friendfeed, picasso, youtube, blogger, and wordpress.

Our google accounts alone include; friendconnect, videotalk, youtube, orkut, maps, and local business center.

http://google.com/places” target=”_blank”>google.com/places.

These examples do not include our developing link building of 10,000 links and squeeze pages of another 5,000 on the way to a PR score of 7.

Enjoy our FREE D.J. format on blip.fm/sincityfinancier

Ask for Jeff Allen when phoing the call center offices 9a-5p PT at Globalcrossroadscapital.com.

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