17 FILM Finance options for eligible clients

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A message to all members of Biggest Pockets

Our pending imdb.com listing of 17 Film Finance options is among the listings found on our aforementioned blogfeed titled;

This list of 17 options doesn't include film futures trading finance.

The blog feed includes at least 10 topics on film/tv, music, radio, outdoor media, & new media finance.

Pursuing any of these choices by Globalcrossroadscapital.com is limited to contractual client unless the choice of capital your seeking is already offered by a pre-designated capital Affiliate on our Trade Show Floor page.

The difference between our industry SOP client representation OR the self-serve option is detailed on our WHAT WE DO page.

Management for Globalcrossroadscapital.com is a card-member of IATSE and offered to join NATPE.
See our exclusive listing on Nevada Film Commission's directory under film funding on Nevadafilm.com

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