PT. 4 (b) Labor components and costs of an IR call center (when applicable)

Assuming 20 people per 20 hours starting @ $9 hr. per person = $3,600 a week + 3rd party HR staffing/payroller costs of upwards of another 50% of wage. Total part-time monthly budget for inbound or outbound telemarketing CRM is at least $20,000. claims it’s CRM staff makes 100 calls a day in 8 hours. This suggests each call is only 4 minutes. Ideally, it takes 1 person to make 6 phone calls averaging 10 minutes each an hour or 48 calls a day. Realistically, every person that contacts us wants 45-90 minutes of FREE consultation. (even though our website & blogfeed already provide that)

OPTional client services consisting of outbound cold calling is typically based on calling lead lists which are sold for prices averaging $1 to $3 per name contained on minimum sheets of 1,000+ names. Fresh or new lists are more expensive. Here are the facts on true costs for telemarketing CRM call centers for IR firms;


(1) Telecommunications CRM (25% of operations)

(2) Social Media CRM & computor algorithm marketing
(25% of operations)

(3) iPTV, ipodcasting & IT/SEO tech (25% of operations)

(4) Administrative oversight of all 4 departments
and delegation;
to account executives who coordinate between clients & advisors and analysts
who in turn provide;
Database Indexing and newswire/industry journal research and OPTional Business plan/prospectus research and client eligibility and strategy campaign DIRECTION & DURATION determination
(25% of operations)

Administrative tasks also include in-person networking
to include;
live TV appearances, and radio talk show hosting and chamber of commerce mixer attendance and finance trade show attendance and academic attendance for executive series university classes.

OPTional social media staffing can include both external blogger networks and business social networks CRM like linkedin groups (50 max). OPTional computor algorithm marketing will include secondary market exchanges as was done by Facebook in it’s pre-IPO phase.

OPTional A/V Tech support client options can take form in mobile ipTV viral videos or ipod radio production. IT support can include link building or landing/squeeze pages, metatags, and other (SEO) search engine optimization techniques.

OPTional client services such as 25-page Business plan analysis averages at least 1 hour (verification & assessment report may take 1 week) and PR editing/syndication takes at least 3 hours if draft material is already made.

This first draft is by no means complete on related components and true costs of a investor relations call center / IR image branding/broadcasting firm. But it’s safe to say such operations can be neither expedient or effective as a (1) man band.

The US President Obama has approved the new HIRE Act in 3/10. HIRE means Hiring Incentives Restore Employment Act. Employers who hire would be eligible for $5,000 tax credits. Employers in Las Vegas that offer sustainable job OJT are eligible for wage rebates to 50%. is a US Vet-owned, SBA-certified, DUNS-listed IR media firm & government vendor listed on that can negotiate clients request with agencies such as FDIC, GSA, SBA, USCIS, etc. Email us at: ir at
IR Media Services & Finance Portal based in Las Vegas


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