Profiling 1 Debt / Equity / Gap / P&A Film Finance source’s approval criteria

Dear Jeff,


· Script must be WGA or WGC registered

· Debt/Equity Financing -Gap Financing / P&A Funding

· Must have 10%-20% cash injection (POF or Letter of Capacity)

· Experienced Production Team

· Talent Attached

· Our Affiliate’s normal deposit range is between $1,500-$3,500

· Min $5M up to $100M

· Please No Brokers—Must own the rights to the script

Advantages of our investor film funding:

* You may retain control
* The principals retain complete creative control
* Non-recourse funding (no personal guarantees)
* Investment requests are reviewed and offers are made in writing within 15 working days after receipt of all required and requested data
* Full disclosure of funding protocols and parameters
* We will facilitate funding of the entire approved production
* Variety of funding options
* We can facilitate of all movie ancillaries
* Minimal cash investment requirements
* Funding available for production facilities
* Technical resource assistance, related to business strategies, business plans, marketing & product advertising revenue

ABC Financial Services is a Full-Service Commercial and Film Financing Consulting firm. Our network of lenders and private funding groups offer financing options to businesses that are under capitalized, growing rapidly, and in some cases are start-ups. Do you have a viable project? We can arrange debt and/or equity financing for domestic and international projects. Through personalized, confidential, and unparallel service, we offer the best comprehensive solutions that are tailored to each individual business.


Sr. VP of Marketing & Development

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Thoughout our blogfeed we have profiled several capital sources to include government gap finance guarantees/back-end participation funding as well as institutional private equity and various ABL funding options.

Industry sectors covered include film. TV, music, radio, wirefeed, outdoor media, mobile media, social media, product placement, sports/event sponsorship finance, etc.

GCC is exclusively listed under ‘Film Finance’ on the Nevada Film Commission’s Production Directory at as well as

Management is also a card-member of

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