Synopsis of potential value of $1.5B for green construction supplies manufacturer to open plants in US

HOMES built in days from $50K?

Manufacturer also seeking franchisees  for cities, states, countries, & regional.

(1) Alternative building material firm offers LEGO’s type construction of homes in fraction of time.   The technology (a) reduces need for concrete, (b) reduces labor costs, (c) is flood & earthquake resistant, (d) is green energy efficient, (e) resistant to mold and termites
(2) We have proposed this firm based in Germany to apply to register an IPO on the Frankfurt Exchange in Germany.  The cost of doing so is substantially less than doing an IPO in the US.  One service provider profiled 1/11 on our blogfeed specializes in such IPO’s and has offered to file one for $70K euros or about $100K dollars.  The cost of doing one in the US is at least $500K.  Timeline to close such an IPO is about 2 months.
(3) The benefit of doing an IPO is that finding asset-based funders such as SBLOC’s to $100M is abundant.  Stock loan hedge funds or security backed lines of credit can sometimes be non-recourse.  This means paying back is optional.  Closure is 30 days or less.
(4) Seed capital investors that may have proposed investing in this firm are invited to invest $100K or leverage NO out of pocket expense by utilizing one of our unsecured lines of credit resources to $100K in either Chicago or Las Vegas. reported in 12/10 that banking credit markets would be thawing in 2011.  We posted that on our blogfeed.
(5) Government agencies interested in this firm such as the technology director for the Louisiana Economic Development Commission has offered 50% sustainable job labor wage rebates, site section support, property tax abatements, etc.  We proposed one plant site centered between the ports of New Orleans and Houston that would provide shipping channels for distribution to the Caribbean and affluent BRIC nations like Brazil.  See details at
(6) Downey, CA is another plant site location we recommended.  In the 1960’s it was the west coast hub for NASA manufacturing.  It is centered between Anaheim, Los Angeles, and the port of Long Beach.  Not only is rail and interstate trucking nearby but has there is a consumer population of about 15 million people within 100 miles.  The port of Long Beach provides shipping channels to Australia, India, China, and Japan.  See details at
(7) A 3rd plant site suggestion is west of Chicago.  The US government is offering no out of pocket expense for facility renovations/ground maintenance for manufacturing firms to locate to Arsenal Island on the Mississippi River.  See  Chicago is the 3rd largest city in the US and offers seaport shipping channels to Toronto, Canada and the Atlantic Ocean.
(8)  The Office of the Secretary of Defense of the US informed our office about the Military Family Housing Privatization Initiative that has at least 40 installations in need of contemporary construction.  Fort Polk in Louisiana and Fort Benning in Georgia alone need about 4,000 units each.  These 2 bases alone would generate an estimated $36M in contracts.  Asset-based funders for purchase orders and government contracts are abundant.  See details at
(9) We recently reported on our blogfeed the importance of using computer algorithms & CRM staffing to attract at least 25,000 investors.  Many major firms already use these services like Facebook and Vanguard.  See details at

(10)  The generation of purchase orders by the US military and the private sector including exports could be eligible for US EXIM Bank working capital guarantees.  US SBA loans may also be an option to use and we know of a firm that speeds ups such loan processes to days instead of months.

(11)  Gross earnings generated by purchase orders has already attracted at least 2 P/E firms that invest in pre-IPO and IPO firms that have an EBITDA (gross earnings) of at least $5M to $25M.  Both have been posted this year on our blogfeed.
(12) We have reported on our blogfeed the attraction of billionaire investors from Israel & Dubai in cities like Miami & Las Vegas.  At least one investment banking firm from that region is offering to monetize financial instruments like ICC-500’s of at least $1.5B.  See details at

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