GCC is an internet-based investor relations (IR) media communications firm…


As a result the extent of our complimentary consultation (advice) on hundreds of finance topics, procedures, trends etc. are already disclosed well on both website & blogfeed.

Our primary focus isn’t advice or analysis but have no objection to providing such on A la Carte basis for paying customers.  At such time one requests such service we will gladly assign them to an account staff member from our telecom & R&D departments.

The alternative is one can use our self-serve, free-access platform called TRADE SHOW FLOOR page which is limited to a few pre-designated capital affiliates.  These 2 campaign choices (and 7 client service options) in fact have been publicly disclosed on our WHAT WE DO page for years as well as verbally indicated the instant one goes to our HOMEPAGE.

Despite denial for years; all questions about funding raising strategies IS asking for advice.  But at least CFO advisers get paid salary.  The fact our blogfeed covers over 300+ finance topics is provided solely as a courtesy.  Not an expectation. 

We also have no idea why people automatically assume one person alone would analyze every ones business plans & attachments and confuse that as a commission task too.  It isn’t.  And analysts do get paid salary too PLUS bonuses.  In fact, the NY Times reports that analysts clear $100K in salary & bonuses the first year out of college.
In case one doesn’t know what our posted (3x) commission rate is for brokering only tasks or the definition of a client and procedure which entails “contract on clients own company letterhead” is detailed here…

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