18 Questions we would ask to screen interest/eligibility of investors

It is difficult to help investors while speculating their state of readiness and specific goals.

Here is a sample of questions that if we knew the answer we could then syndicate on our blogfeed http://SinCityFinancier.wordpress.com to attract ideal matching opportunities.

(1) What industries would you consider?  Which not?
(2) What demographics would you consider?  Which not?
(3)  Would you consider concept-stage or start-up firms with no earnings?
(4)  Would you consider mezzanine/growth phase firms that have been in business 3+ years?
(5)  Would you consider green or new technology based firms?
(6)  Would you consider J/V with other P/E firms?
(7) Would you invest in firms eligible for US government funding such as grants?
(8)  Would you consider buying distressed assets like commercial real estate?
(9) Are you an asset-based investor prepared to monetize (P/O’s) purchase orders or monetize financial instruments like bank guarantees (BG’s)?
(10) Are you a debt capital investor and if so what is your (LTV%) loan-to-value ratio?
(11) If you are an equity investor what is your LTV% & would you assist firms with IPO filing costs such as Frankfurt Borse Exchange?

(12)  What are your “skin-in-game” down payments/revenue streams/collateral requirements?
(13)  Are you interested in firms with (IP) intellectual property such a patents?
(14) Are you interested in licensing/franchising investments?  How many?

(15)  Knowing that ABL funding timelines to close escrow is usually under 30 days and debt capital is usually 30-90 days and equity usually 180+; where do you compare with this timeline?
(16)  Typical P/E firms require an exit strategy to be complete generally within 5 years.  How do you compare?

(17) Hard money/ABL funders return on investment (ROI) requirements tend to be generally 12% and equity investors at least 25%.  How do you compare?

(18) Are you an individual or institutional investor?

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