2nd P/E CASH buyer’s distressed asset acquisition criteria sent in a week

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As a US government vendor; GCC corresponds with the FDIC and Receivership Assistant Contractors (RAC’s), Owned Real Estate (ORE) Management & Marketing Service Contractors, as well as, private sellers of distressed assets to include real estate.

Here is the criteria of another P/E Cash buyer from the West Coast;

This private equity fund buys troubled multi-family and commercial real estate.
Target properties include owners who need to cash out quickly, or from under-management such as abuse from tenants or above market vacancy.

P/E firm makes purchase decisions quickly and usually with cash on hand. It seeks assets with purchase prices ranging from $1 to $5 million. Off-market opportunities are preferred. Additional info is as follows;

Asset classes:

* Multi-family – 20 units & up
* Office
* Retail


* Value added opportunities including<br -deferred maintenance
-above average vacancy
-excessive expenses
-asset mismanagement

* Owner distress

* Property age – 1985 & newer


* Within 300 in any direction from the following 7 metro areas:

Austin, TX, Seattle, WA, Chicago, IL Omaha, NE, Dallas, TX, Miami, FL, Los Angeles, CA


* Cap rate 10% and up, 12% and up is preferred
* Asset valued on current verified cash flow & expenses

Assets meeting the above criteria may be submitted for review and consideration by the P/E fund. GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM’S authority to be a government vendor is as follows;

Public law 106-50 (Veterans Entreprenuer Act 1999) allots 3% procurement goal (of about $8B a year) to SDVOB’s.?? This 3% goal also applies to all prime contractors of the federal government. Public Law 108-183 (Veterans Benefit Act 2003) enables SDVOB’s to receive… “sole source and restricted competition”… for goods used by US government. And 2004 Presidential Order 13360 increases opportunities for SDVOB’s.

Jeffrey D. Allen, CEO
US Vet-owned, SBA-certified, DUNS-listed IR media firm

Comp consultation 4000+ finance topic blogfeed
skype phone: SinCityFinancier
social media: Top 50 sites

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