Senior and Mezzanine Debt Film Finance Lender’s letter to

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(Senior & mezzanine debt capital is the fastest growing category of film finance since 2011.)

Dear Mr. Allen,

Thank you for your email inquiry of April 7, 2011.  We are eager to pursue potential new opportunities and read with interest your inquiry and are available to discuss potential new business immediately.

Your email correspondence indicated that you are interested in hearing more about our Mezzanine and Senior Debt Financing Facility for motion picture financing.

As indicated in our website and in the attached general facility description summary, the facility consolidates Senior and Mezzanine Debt to establish a debt facility for qualified motion pictures.

The facility works as follows:

We provide a production loan for the entire amount of the production budget from one of our two partner financial institutions that have entertainment lending divisions.  The production loan is secured against an Unconditional and Irrevocable Standby Letter of credit (“SBLC”) issued from a global Top 25 bank with the face value amount of 160% of the equity cash contributions in the Picture and with a term of one year.

Therefore, Producers that have raised at least 50% of their budgets in equity contributions may avail themselves of this facility (provided) the film meets with the banks’ approval.  The facility may consolidate tax credit loan proceeds with pre-sales and cash equity to insure that the Production Loan amount is sufficient to fully fund the film.

We would love to speak to you further about the facility and can be available for a telephone conversation this week.

Very truly yours,

Co-managing Director
Film Group
2 east coast offices

* * *
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