Simultaneous multi-media communications for global (IR) investor relations

NONE of the memo below includes the annual cost of squeeze pages, link building, viral TV commercial syndication, ipodcasting, trade show attendance, telecom call center staff, algorithm tech staff, road shows, wirefeed syndication, outdoor billboards (bus/roadside/building), and RFID mobile tech.
We’ve reported on the industry trends for Radio Frequency Identification applications to the banking & financial services industry dated 12 Sept 10 on our blogfeed report titled “How mobile advertising attracts VC & shapes consumer behavior”. See

In short, we can approximate the same audience generation results for about $1M a year instead of $3M per half minute it costs during the Super Bowl.

We have also previously reported on “What is the equity value to your firm to appear as a guest on national TV?”  See  The following is our cost to make that happen.

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Date: Tue, Sep 27, 2011 at 9:37 AM
Subject: Campaign Strategies and Fee Schedule – Allen


Hello Jeffrey,


It was a pleasure speaking to you on the phone today. I look forward to the possibility of working with you to make Global Crossroads Capital more visible to the public here in the US and draw more attention to your services and website.


In terms of publicity, there’s no question about getting good media exposure to promote your company and its message. For information about our services, I’ve attached a full description of our services and below is a summary outline.



I. National Print Campaign  

A. Our print campaign is very unique.  Our Senior Campaign Strategist is an award winning journalist, formerly with the Miami Herald and the Tampa Tribune and he will write an AP style article for your campaign that is intended to create interest with the broadest audience possible.  The process is that after our initial conference call he reviews your website and does his research to identify what part of your message the media would be most interested in.  Then he sits down to write an article as a news story, just as if he was sitting in his office at one of the major daily newspapers.  The article will be tied to the news, include numerous quotes that position you as an expert on your topic, mentions your company as part of the newsworthiness and of course will include your website address.  

B.  We will distribute the article directly to thousands of journalists at major daily newspapers, weekly newspapers, wire services, national magazines, regional magazines, trade publications, bloggers and news search engines.

C.  We will respond to every journalist and or book reviewer who requests more information, a review copy of your book or a detailed explanation about you and your message. 

D.  We will arrange phone or email interviews with journalists requesting to speak with you before doing a story. 

E.  We will stay in close communication with journalists who expressed an interest or a review copy and will diligently follow-up with them. 

F.  We will add you to our clipping service at no additional charge, and we’ll send you copies of all the newspaper and magazine clippings we receive.  

G.  We will respond to queries from an exclusive media service we subscribe to that journalists use when searching for experts to interview for their publications and shows.   

H.  We will distribute the article a second time, if we don’t get the response we want the first time around. 

I. There is no ticking clock, so we will continue to respond to requests from journalists as long as we continue to receive them.

J. We do not charge you for basic office expenses such as phone, Internet, copying or other administrative costs most retainer-based agencies will tack on to their bills.

K.  Last but not least we will guarantee coverage in both offline and online publications that have a combined circulation and visitors per month equal to 10 million.  

For this campaign, we charge a flat ONE-TIME project fee of $4,695 and it involves between 3 to 4 months of work.  As you may know, a retainer based PR firm normally charges $4,000 to $5,000 per month for a minimum of three months AND for the same amount of work.  That’s why our fee of $4,695 is an unbeatable price for the service we provide. 

II. Interviews on Talk Radio – $3,750

Our minimum campaign is 15 Phone Interviews on National and Local Talk Radio Shows in Top 100 Markets

A. We will develop an angle for the first round of 15 radio interviews that will interest hosts in having you as a guest on their show.

B. Then, we’ll write a radio pitch for your approval and begin pitching you to the radio hosts and producers we work with in the Top 100 U.S. markets.

C. Interviews will only be scheduled on stations that boast a minimum of 5,000 watts of power as well as on regionally and nationally syndicated shows (at no additional charge).

D. Interviews are all done by phone so no travel is required. 

E. Interviews will average 10 to 15 minutes in length providing enough time to educate listeners and generate their interest in your book and message.

F. You will have an opportunity to give out your website address on the air.

As a top resource of talk radio guests for over 21 years, and due to our close relationships with hosts and producers, we know which shows work best with your topic.  After completing this first round of radio phone interviews, you can roll out the campaign with additional packages of 15 interviews, as many of our clients do. 

By the way, it will probably interest you to know that we send our clients out to the media as experts, from the media division of our company called, “News & Experts”. 

As a launch for any campaign, we recommend the combination of 15 interviews on talk radio shows around the country, plus our national newspaper and magazine campaign as a minimum.  The reason I recommend this combination is because radio interviews and online print coverage are immediate while the offline print happens over a longer period of time.  The combination of these two services covers a lot of important media territory and will enhance your other marketing and promotional activities being worked.  At the same time, the credibility you build with the audiences is absolutely priceless from the implicit third party endorsements when you are interviewed as a guest or covered in a news story. 

 III. Local and National TV appearances:

When you decide you’d like to move forward with TV appearances we’ll pitch you to local and national TV shows, based on your travel schedule and budget.  Our clients only get billed when we’ve confirmed an appearance.  Here’s our fee structure for TV appearances:

a. Local TV $1,075

b. Nationally Syndicated Cable TV – $3,500 (CNBC, MSNBC, Fox Business News etc.)

c. National Syndicated Network TV – $5,000 (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX plus CNN)