In 50+ years I’ve never seen any professional investor buy a billion-dollar financial instrument to donate to someone else…

But there is West Coast firm that issues financial instruments that addresses “the unmanageable volume of unqualified callers”  to it’s website with a succinct reply of;

“If it were it were somehow possible to take control of a valid financial instrument without a paying a fee, why would we have clients? We would simply deliver to our own accounts and fund ourselves daily.”

The firm also indicates only 1 in 30 inquiries to acquire & monetize financial instruments are valid by those capable of paying for and closing a transaction.


The firm also states that “we are 100% sure that NO lender will deliver a valid instrument to any borrower without charging a fee or refundable security desposit”.  It is standard industry knowledge that there are operational costs involved to process applications, block instruments, and SWIFT instruments that lenders pass on to borrowers.

And let’s not forget the purchase price.  There is a reason why they call it buying financial instruments.  Daydreamers need to quit asking to get $500M instruments for free.  It makes one sound stupid.

The only exception where the borrower doesn’t need the whole fee to acquire financial instrument is when the (rare) chance of lenders to J/V with them on acquisition costs.  This means arranging financing for a percentage of the fee which is an additional cost. Logic indicates such a J/V investor would also expect to split the profit on monetizing such instruments. We profiled such another J/V source earlier this week on this blogfeed.

While IR media firms could implement both audio-visual logistics and CRM staffing to attract a “needle in a haystack” exception to the SOP indicated above… it is false to confuse this as a brokering task nor expect such an to pay prospects multi-media costs of a campaign that likely may last months.

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