Recapping: Importance of Corporate Structure & related factors in raising capital

Importance of corporate structure in raising capital will dictate several factors LIKE level of $ interest, borrowers eligibility, types of capital, sequence of capital to be used, cap limits, amount of time to close, and logistics for number of staffing & amount of media infrastructure.

What corporate structure is best for start-ups considering VC fundings?

There are at least 6 reasons why professional investors lack interest in LLC (or PPM’s) corporate structures.

Knowing the difference of types of capital & amounts will indicate a large difference in the amount of average time it takes to close.

How often does 1 angel investor put $1M into a company looking raise $1M? The answer to this question by the Chairman of the NY Angels isn’t surprising.

The board member of a Wash. DC Angel Group and tech advisory group sums up 12 key questions to anticipate the answers for when raising capital for any industry. target

Legal structuring of ownership of underlying film rights, finance model, sales agent, existence of pre-sales, government subsidies, completion guarantor, and who is your appointed attorney are all anticipatory questions on the following check list;

Legal structuring is 1 of at least 17 business development tasks in the financial services industry that are not commission-orientated because they are not a broker task.

Have tunnel-vision on PPM’s or similar securities offerings with all the legal structuring and regulatory issues that go with it?  Plenty of investment bankers listed on this blogfeed will stress the extremely complex aspects of all types of finance.

Those who have tradable stock and know what the “trading symbol” and trading volume is won’t have to go far to find hedge funds who buy stock.

24 types of equity financing are not the only type of finance to fund your business. There are several other options that are much cheaper and quicker. Even the Wall Street Journal admits there is a Asset-based funding boom in progress.

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