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Definition of A LA CARTE FEES:

“Option to order as separate items from a menu, with a separate price for each item on the menu as apposed to a mandatory & usually much higher fixed rate”.

NOTE: Typical investment banking firms charge diversified fees from 10% to 20% of transactional value not necessarily all on back end. NOTE: Nationwide, advisors, appraisers, analysts, etc. are NOT brokers and do not work on commission.

It’s not logical to ask what we charge before defining what you are authorizing us to do based on our customer service options partially listed on question #8 when you fill out the (preliminary assessment) Intake Form;
http://SinCityFinancier.wordpress.com/2013/09/24/blogpost-vegas-IR-media-firm-list-of-what-we-do. Defining will make all the difference in DIRECTION & DURATION (and cost) an IR media campaign will take


IF and when all we are asked to do is provide a “referral service” based on a funding source most likely disclosed on our blogfeed; then all we charge is from *A* percent sliding scale to transactional value. This value could be (a) assets procured, (b) valuation enhanced, (c) cost contained, (d) revenues enhanced, or (e) funds raised.

Client is ALWAYS party requesting services. We are not a “one-man band” or “bird-dog” brokers and OPT-ing out of non-brokering task fees does not entitle you to receive those services based solely on a referral (success) fee.




“WHERE IT MEETS IR” (integration of internet technology for investor relations):


This link covers several important factors pertaining to other A La Carte / ancillary / OPTional services to choose from that constitute 90% of what our multi-departmental staff does;

(a) The international “Telemarketing Buyers Guide” comparison of hourly rates between overseas ($10) and US based (from $25) CRM contact centers and doesn’t include commissions.

(b) What are the multiple labor components and elective costs of an IR communications center.

(c) How media branding successfully attracts an audience of 111M buyers and why $3M per half minute is considered a bargain.
(d) How secondary-market algorithm computer CRM centers successfully attract 25,000 buyers in days instead of months.
(e) Legal structuring is 1 of 17 business development tasks in the financial services industry that aren’t commission-orientated because they are not a broker task.
(f)  Advisory and analysis services are optional client services not to be confused with brokering.
– – – – –
Simultaneous multi-media communications campaign OPTions link is featured on 2nd half of WHAT’S NEXT? page and here http://globalcrossroadscapital.com/alacartepricing.php .
The 5 factors listed influence campaign budget costs and may VARY on a case-by-case basis subject to unique NEEDS & GOALS of client.
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