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Our FOCUS is providing IR multi-media broadcasting.?? Our staff implements multi-media "image equity branding" services designed to (a) attract capital, (b) enhance asset valuation, (c) realize cost containment & (d) diversify revenues for corporate & government contractual clients as detailed on http://www.Manta.com.?? If you want free ongoing analysis & strategy advisory support please contact http://www.SCORE.org


Definition of an IR Media firm according to Wikipedia

Definition of an IR Media firm according to US GSA


1. Image equity branding (i.e. diversified multi-media broadcasting campaigns)

2. Increasing net worth for investors (i.e. distressed asset procurement like REO's, etc.)

3. Business development?? (via pre-sales, export, licensing)

4. Government contract negotiations

5. Strategic advisory support

6. Cost containment analysis

7. Industry & capital markets research

8. Attracting capital
(priority given to quick turn-around transactions known as ABL funding)

All the above are on an "if applicable basis" per individual contractual clients needs.?? The only exception is our online FREE-access Trade Show Floor page modeled after the national "Money Show" physically held in 4 major cities annually.

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