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What is the national average timeline for raising capital and just how large of a difference is there in successfully closing based on different types of capital? http://SinCityFinancier.wordpress.com/2011/11/11/rules-of-thumb-for-amounts-timelines-associat


Every day our CRM staff receives inquiries via land line phone, skype phone, email, Top 50 social media forums, & podcast talk radio (http://www.blogtalkradio.com) to name a few.  Assuming analysis & strategy advisory services of business plans were somehow a broker task and thus a free service; it is unrealistic to assume this is done by one person. 
Therefore, please do NOT contact us to do 45-minute “Run-bys” or quiz us to see how we can help you prepare for funding approval criteria.  As an internet-based firm; our free consultation is already provided on both the “Due Diligence Blog” and the syndicated blogfeed linked in the lower left column of the HOMEPAGE. 

Business plan analysis to include verification of a slew of supporting docs is a labor-intensive ancillary service reserved for requesting contractual clients.  Inquirers each sending us 25-page business plans prior to being a FULL-service contractual client is premature and such business plans will be discarded.  Also, anonymous inquires with no name, phone #, & company name will also be discarded. NOTE:  Analysts in NYC average $100K in salary/bonuses 1st year out of college.

Should you OPT for ancillary services like analysis & strategy advisor, etc. as a client you will be assigned an account executive to oversee these non-broker tasks (as detailed below on Full-serve Option and latter part of A La Carte Fees page).


(are verbally mentioned instantly on Homepage)


If you assume no contract is required for a fiduciary or other business relationship then this campaign choice is for you. For those who prefer & qualify for the SELF-serve approach of ‘Dealing Direct” with a limited number of pre-designated capital providers are welcome to use our FREE-access TRADE SHOW FLOOR page.  Fill out the RFP intake form and it will be forwarded to a SINGLE niche funding source that has rented each marked booth.

NOTE:  The Trade Show Floor page is NOT for those who are;
a. rate comparison shopping around
b. or inable to produce supporting docs or notes
c. or is not principal decision maker
d. or the type of capital their seeking isn’t featured on Trade Show Floor
e. or needs are complex and multi-faceted

For those not familiar with all the types of ABL / debt / 24 types of equity financing available to them should refer to the “KEYWORDS” found on the Homepage.  It is also beneficial to read (thoroughly) the 24-point readiness poll on meeting funding approval criteria at http://SinCityFinancier.wordpress.com/2010/05/11/self-assessing-questionnaire-poll-to-determin


The FULL serve option is for those clients with complex and multi-faceted needs consisting of the various service tasks listed on the WHAT WE DO page; which are available on a A La Carte / Ancillary / OPTional basis. 

Internet viral video iPTV commercials, talk radio podcasting, live TV appearance bookings, product placement bartering, event advertising sponsorships, blogger network campaigns, social media CRM, telecom CRM call center, secondary-market algorithm computer room, and RFID mobile tech opt-in campaigns are a few client ancillary options. Details here at http://SinCityFinancier.wordpress.com/2011/10/11/simultaneous-multi-media-communications-for-g

For contractual clients seeking capital that choose IR representation we encourage them to read our 5-part Due Diligence Blog to determine their level of readiness for meeting various types of funding approval criteria in the least time-frame possible. 

The 5 parts of our Due Diligence e-pamplet cover the following:
1. Investor Relations Media (convergence tools to reach targeted audiences)
2. My SOP
3. Financing Tips (3 words: investor approval criteria)
4. Fee Terms  (also covered on A La Carte Fees page)
5. Debunking Myths about Advance Fees

Our complimentary syndicated blogfeed linked above also provides clients with extensive (500+) strategy consultations and specific capital source term sheets designed to shorten your goal time-frame.  If all you need is a “referral service” based on a source listed on blogfeed then that is all you’ll get.



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