“Why buy REO’s when you can buy the banks that own the REO’s?”: FDIC auction of 6 banks in 2 states


(*Question:  in what way is tire-kicker buyers with no POF’s that never materialize as a client have any bearing on the proficiency of an IR media firm who’s core operations are consulting & marketing?)

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The is 1 of the few FDIC bank sale notices we’ve received since the prior sale of 47 banks we posted on this blogfeed.  GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM is a government IR vendor that corresponds with various agencies such as the SBA, GSA, FDIC, USCIS and US Treasury regarding the disposition of distressed assets or other funding options.

Our authority to be a government vendor is as follows;

Public Law 106-50 (Veterans Entreprenuership Act 1999) allots 3% procurement goal (of about $8B a year) to SDVOB’s.  This 3% goal also applies to all prime contractors of the federal government.  A similar goal also applies to VOB’s.

Public Law 108-183 (Veterans Benefit Act 2003) enables SDVOB’s to receive in some cases “sole source and restricted competition” for goods and services used by US government.

The 2004 Presidential Order 13360 increases opportunities for SDVOB’s.

Wednesday March 14, 2012





FDIC Florida and Georgia Bank Branches For Sale






Dear Jeff, 











  On behalf of the FDIC we are pleased to announce the sale of six  bank branches located throughout the states of Florida and Georgia.

  The properties are located in excellent locations in the cities of the Villages, Ocala, Deltona, Florida and in Villa Rica and Macon, Georgia. The subject properties located in the Villages and Ocala are newly constructed bank branch buildings in excellent condition and high traffic locations. The Deltona, Florida bank branch is a two-story vacant bank branch on a large lot with 44 parking spaces.

The Georgia bank branch located in Villa Rica is a two story brick bank branch located within the West Atlanta submarket approximately 30 miles west of the Atlanta CBD. The improvements were constructed in 2008 and are updated with high-end finishes. The Macon, Georgia bank branch is a newer branch and it consists of 510 SF building that was constructed in 2005 and is situated on a 0.350 acre site in Downtown Macon.  

  Each property is being sold individually, or can be purchased in bulk*. For information on each property please click the following link to view descriptions, pictures and additional details:    


List of Properties:




These properties are centrally located and offer a great investment opportunity for investors. For additional details, please contact or visit our website. We look forward to hearing from you.




Mass Marketing Manager

*Assets sold in bulk will need to have individual purchase prices that are accepted by the FDIC. The auctioneer is an independent contractor to the FDIC, engaged to provide services to the FDIC in connection with the management and marketing of, and to facilitate FDIC’s sale of FDIC’s properties; and, neither the auctioneer nor any of its employees, subcontractors, or agents have any actual or apparent authority to make or accept offers on behalf of FDIC or to bind the FDIC to any term or condition of any transaction involving or related to any FDIC property.   The FDIC is bound by the terms or conditions of any transaction involving or related to any FDIC property only upon the written approval of the transaction and the execution of the transactional documents by an FDIC employee with the appropriate level of delegated authority for such matters.

 If you have a current need for IR support proceed to the CONTACT page at the top of the blogfeed and follow the instructions.







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