Export from USA with up to 100% finance

(* after reading this entire post proceed to the CONTACT page above and follow the instructions)
Date: Thu, Feb 2, 2012 at 8:16 AM
Subject: export from USA with finance
to globalcrossroadscapital.com

Dear Jeff,

We are Exporter of American Super Brand Products, American Know-How, American Technology, American Equipment and Service. We provide up to 100% financing for serious overseas importers buying made in USA Only items! 
We sell World’s recognized American Brands, American Know-How technology, Equipment, installation with financing!
Line of offers only made in USA: 
1) American Know-How, Technology, Equipment, Installation with Financing!
2) Oil Refineries and Refineries Consumable Spare Parts-Know How-technology, installation with financing
3) Earth Moving Machines.
4) Urea/Fertilizer Plant and Consume-able Spare Parts.
5) Vessel, and Aviation, also Parts.
6) Computer and Super Computer.
7) Vehicles.
8) Sulphur Granulate and Powder.
9) Defense Arms and Equipment.
10) Rigs.
11) Soybean Oil.
12) Space Technology
13) Medicine, Life Saving Drugs, and Medical Equipments.
14) Wheat’s, and Wheat’s Products.
15) Food and Food related products, frozen meat, Life farm animals
16) Global Mobile System
17) Power Plants, Generators with Know-How, Technology, Equipment, Installation with Financing!
18) Alternate Energy:  Solar Cells, Wind Turbine, GEOTERMAL, Biomass Hydroelectricity, Wave power, Know-How, technology, installation with financing.
19) Gas Compressors.
20) In-fact, entire range of Consumable, Edible, Products, and Plant/Machinery’s, and Spare Parts.      
21)WASTE-TO-ENERGY Know-How, Technology, Equipment, Installation  with Financing for municipal solid waste.
22) Waste Treatment Plant, Know-How, Technology, Equipment, Installation with Financing!
And thousands others as well made in USA!!!!

We provide financing for importers from an American Bank
Loan Guarantee & Direct Loan From an American Bank
Competitive Financing for International Buyers

An American Bank assists exporters by guaranteeing term financing to creditworthy international buyers, both private and public sector, for purchases of U.S. goods and services. With American Bank’s loan guarantee, international buyers are able to obtain competitive term financing from lenders when financing is otherwise not available or there are no economically viable interest rates on terms over one-to-two years.
  • Enables international buyers to obtain loans from lenders
  • Covers 100% of commercial and political risks
  • Flexible financing options and repayment terms
  • No limits on transaction size
  • Medium-term and long-term financing available
American Bank’s guarantee of a lender’s loan to an international buyer is generally used for financing purchases of U.S. capital equipment and services.
Financing may also be available for:
  • Refurbished equipment
  • Software
  • Certain banking and legal fees
  • Certain local costs and expenses

To start transaction I need from Importer- Investor:

1.Letter of Intent

2.Executive summary

3. Letter from your local bank informing us, that they will provide a credit line for you to purchase US???products, technology, etc. so long as our American bank will provide a bank guarantee for this credit line
If you have any question, please contact at any time.
 – – – – – –
GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM is a US Vet-owned IR media communications firm is not a lender, funder, investor, seller, buyer, free advisor, or broker-dealer.  If you have an interest in the program above you must be a client to pursue it.  First step in being a client is to proceed to the CONTACT page at the top of this blogfeed and follow the instructions.

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