Why Crowdfunding will turn away VC’s

A good analogy of Crowd Funding is the Jockey Club Resort on the Strip of Las Vegas.  It’s been there since at least the ’80s.  And all around it was the golf course of the Dunes Hotel-Casino.
Today, the Jockey Club is sandwiched between the towering http://www.Citycenter.com  and The Cosmopolitan Hotel-Casino on one side and The Bellagio Hotel-Casino on the other.  The combined value of these 3 properties is about $12B.
The Jockey Club is a time-share resort.  That means there are owners for each week of each hotel room.  That’s 52 owners per each room X each room of each tower X 2 mid-rise towers X 52 weeks of the year.
When the Cosmo was built around it you know they wanted to buy it…but why bother with the “heartburn” of dealing with the 100’s of tiny fractional owners.  So the Cosmo literally dwarfs the Jockey Club within a few feet.
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