Commodity Financing Program – Above & In-Ground Assets w/SKR & insurance wrap to place into PPP trade; if valuation verified well over $100M to anticipate discounting of face value

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It was a pleasure speaking with you, below is the additional info on our Commodity Financing Program.

Commodity Financing Program


Discover how to successfully finance large-scale in-ground asset mining projects. In most cases we can get you approved for our preferred self-liquidating loan programs. We offer the most aggressive in-ground asset funding programs that are available worldwide. If you own a mine and it has in-ground assets, this new funding program will allow you to get cash using the in-ground assets, FAST!


We are direct to four funds that we present mining deals. None publish their protocol, same reason, too many variables, location, the asset itself, quality and date of the assay or geo reports, land owned or leased, rights assigned to the lease, dollar amount, take out or exit to the loan.


The KEY is all four will work at their time and expense and arrange any instruments to be paid out of closing. If we do our job, the asset is evaluated and valued and we arrange the largest LTV and monetize the asset into a loan or put directly into the trade platform. The process is proven and successful and we do it all and make it seamless.

This is the best available In-Ground Asset Financing and Capital Asset Program Funding solutions worldwide. We offer the ONLY in-ground asset funding program that is available worldwide up to 100% finance. Do it right the first time and connect with the trusted leaders in In Ground Asset Mining. As leading Mining Finance Lenders, we deliver on our promises and our consultants will look at ALL projects globally.

General Parameters:

The in-ground assets must be verifiable.

The funding amount may be up to 100% of the net present value.

These projects are funded purely on the provable value of the assets, not the credit worthiness of the principals.

Precious gems and metals may be collateralized if they are stored in a bonded warehouse and are accompanied by proof of ownership and an appraisal.

100M minimum (lesser amounts may be approved on a case by case basis)

  – – – – – –

Asset Types: Most in-ground assets of definite and appreciable value, i.e. energy reserves, oil, gas, coal, aluminum, copper, nickel and liquid traded metals. Gold mines and other precious metal mines are on a case by case basis.

 Geography: Worldwide

 Ownership Types: Can be owned or leased and does NOT have to be in operation.

>>> LTV: Up to (typically) IF owned;  75%  LTV for Non-recourse and 90% LTV for recourse. (Due in full in 1 year and 1 day).  Considerably less if leased.  Even far less for NON-rated institutional issued instruments with NO ISIP or CUSIN<<<<

We specialize in the monetization of precious metals and other commodities. If you have a precious metal mine with hard assets in the ground, we can turn your asset into CASH without ever touching or mining your assets. Our process can BEGIN in less than 30 days IF ENTERED into PPP trade. Some of our programs allow for self-liquidation. Our preferred programs begin at a minimum of $100M (lesser amounts can be negotiated).


Protocol for Above-Ground Assets

Here is a quick explanation of the process. We are direct to the banker in NYC. Our Affiliate Partner has conducted business with him for a dozen years and has closed many deals.


Here are the basics:

1. Client submits a summary or business plan; we must know what the money will be used for

2. Detailed description of the asset including essay report in summary

3. Product description ? how many buildings, vehicles, equipment, acres of land, barrels, worth how much each, etc.,  (Ex. 10 barrels, one ton each, valued at $50 per barrel)

4. Must have proof of ownership and brief history therein

5. Must have SKR  if no SKR game over.  NO exceptions

6. If things are a go, you and the client will sign a NDA

7. KEY is validating the worth of the asset. IF it is validated; then the monetizer will discount the face value.

8. Monetizer will arrange a loan/equity structure against the asset or monetize and place into our trade platform.

9. In addition to the SKR; you will also need an insurance wrap.  If you don’t already have one; the monetizer will send you an application to acquire one from them.  NO exceptions.

10.  IF you are not a contractual client of IR firm GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM.;  Game over.  Like any other national IR media communications firm that is a member; we are not a volunteer 501(c)3.

(11) First step to request to be a contractual client mentioned on (a) company website, (b) this blog feed, (c) on company profile and on the (d) one-paragraph INTRO found on the LEFT upper side of profile for Jeffrey D. Allen…  by succinctly  filling out the company website  INTAKE FORM.  NO exceptions.

(12)  Want FREE advisory services?  READ THIS  in the heading of this blog feed right under the title.  This blog feed already provides all the free finance planning & advisory services everyone (since 2007) assumes to be entitled to in the absence  of being a client.  Use 2-3 KEYWORDS in the search bar found in the upper right corner.


– – – – – –

GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM IR media communications VETBIZ and is NOT a lender, funder, investor, seller, buyer, or broker dealer.

If you are and interested in the above program you must be a client.  First step to become a client is to proceed to the CONTACT page at the top of this blog feed and fill out the INTAKE FORM.

5 thoughts on “Commodity Financing Program – Above & In-Ground Assets w/SKR & insurance wrap to place into PPP trade; if valuation verified well over $100M to anticipate discounting of face value

  1. I have many clients in ground assets. Here is my email. here is my phone number

    We cannot understand why people cannot see the word CONTACT page at the top of this blogfeed and instead just assume this a public bulletin board.


  2. $13 B Asset Avialable to Monatize at an Acquisition price of $15M.
    Above and below ground asset 800 acers.Au, Ag, Pb, Zn, Cu.
    Located in California, full geology reports available.
    Please respond if further there is further interest.

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  3. I have a gold mine with in ground asset valued at $ 1.3bn. WhatsApp me on +27827227440 to discuss a ppp

    Did you notice at the top of this page and every page it says “proceed to the INTAKE FORM on the company website and fill it out”‘

    You notice also it is already been a week for any reply on the blogfeed. It also says at top of the blopgeed that is is not a pub.ic forum so that explains why it is unmonitored

    It also says the same thing on my profile. Got a request exactly the same as yours 5 months ago. So addressing it would take 1 phone call.

    But for some reason way too many insist on making things difficult. So since no rfp has submitted and no client exists; our hands are tied for now.

    What a shame.

    Ironically your Storage Management website has an INTAKE FORM’ But you can’t find ours.


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