Recapping: PT. 1 of list of 24 Equity source terms, procedural advice, & trend analysis

When you request for ‘Equity’ in the SEARCH bar in the upper right-hand corner of our blogfeed; you get (95) results. Here is Part 1 of 24 specific equity sources and their terms and procedures, as well as, insightful trend analysis.
The first thing many inquirers state is they want equity.  But few have any idea that equity is often mezzanine growth phase by nature and not (contrary to popular opinion) orientated toward concept stage firms.  These tend to be the same people who choose to “reject” all other funding options.
(1) Here is how CBS News specifies P/E on our blogfeed.  Note that P/E firms do NOT charge just 20% commission.
(2) Sell your trading stock in 2-3 weeks.
(3) How many types of equity are there?
(4) Debt-equity combos CRE
(5) Debt-equity combos   (majority of films are 70% debt and 30% equity)
(6) Merits of ABL over Equity
(7) Mezzanine equity for mid-cap firms
(8) Pre/post IPO P/E closes in 4 weeks

(9) Tech transfer & P/E
(10) J/V or buyer of mines
(11) J/V for hedge fund managers
(12) J/V of SBLC’s from $50M
J/V means 2 equal parties with 50%-50% equity or hard assets.  It does NOT mean you provide the “idea” and the other provides 100% funding.
NEXT: Recapping: PT. 2 of Equity terms & procedures

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