Description of another (ELF) Equity Line Facility or pre-IPO funders’ terms and of their recent $30M funding approval

(* after your done reading this post proceed to the CONTACT page above)

Date: Mon, Jan 14, 2013 at 9:52 AM
Subject: $30,000,000.00 approved funding for portfolio company
To: mailto:
Dear Jeff,

Our recent portfolio company funding approval was for a leader in
action and outdoor sports television and film
programming, announced today that it has signed
a USD $30,000,000.00 funding with our Private Equity

* Our private equity firm is a private investment
group which invests into both Public and Private
companies via private placement.

* We invest into exceptional companies looking
for a minimum of $5million up to $200 million.

* Term Sheet in 3 days, Close within as little as 2 weeks contingent
on the level of readiness of client to undergo due diligence

* No asset or EBIDTA requirements for fully
compliant currently Public companies.

* Private companies we are looking for quality
assets or EBIDTA of $2 million and planning to
list within 6 months.  If you like, we will
provide you with listing support.

EBITDA means gross earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation & ammortization

*We do NOT accept application fees or legal doc fees that are prevalent in industry now

*Public companies, we will NEVER SHORT your stock.

* Over 30 years in business as principals and
advisors, we are small cap and developing company
experts.  We understand what you need and how we
can help.

* The fund will invest in all industry sectors including; infrastructure, manufacturing, construction, mining, media & communications, healthcare, energy and finance.

* A successful deal example closed since 9/12 includes a 3 year facility for $50M with client option to increase the amount to $200M.  And successful deal-flow closed so far in 2013 includes a 3 year facility for $75M for a firm in Las Vegas.

If your company is seeking capital please email us now.
Signed, Chief Investment Officer

– – – – –

GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM is an IR media firm and is not a lender, funder, investor, buyer, seller or broker-dealer. If you have an interest and are eligible for the above funding option you must be a client to pursue it. Steps to become a client are abundantly disclosed on both our company website and this blogfeed. Start by reading the CONTACT page at the top.

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