The reason why $55B in funding sources are listed on our blogfeed by name for free


Lead lists are derived from telemarketing firms and telemarketing is 1 aspect of an integrated IR media firm.  All of our services are on an OPT-IN basis for contractual clients to match their unique campaign needs & budget.


The National CEO Buyers Guide for Telemarketing can be found at  It indicates that such firms charge about 10 different fees including the acquisition of lead lists, time of day variables, script preparation, and software costs. But primarily, hourly rate (overseas $10/US to $25) x set however number of callers (typically from 20) x set however many months contract >coinciding< with a sliding scale commission rate from 1%. The term of the campaign agreement may be monthly or annually. We recommend 6 months at least to be effective.

This sliding scale commission is called the Lehman Formula.  However, a few telemarketing firms charge only commission.  These are called “boiler rooms” and tend to charge 50% commission of funds raised. There is a trend of boiler rooms in Florida charging between 70% and 80% in the last year. (also on this blogfeed). Our firm does not condone this.

If your authorizing telemarketing (or algorithm marketing) to 100’s or even 1000’s of small-cap individuals to participate $100 each in Unit investment trusts (UIT’s), private placement memorandums (PPM’s)(which have no trading value), EB-5 foreign investors, or debt to equity conversion debentures (bonds) then this will normally take months. 2 to 6 months on average at the least. The exception is when you have a security trading on any international exchange that readily available bulk stock buyers will buy and close within 30 days or less.

Our finance blogfeed syndicated in 40 countries is a sort of free lead list that even features a “search bar” in upper right corner to find whatever specific category of capital your seeking and specific term sheet summary of readily available sources. In addition, we occasionally post specific funding sources by name for free.  The total value of these sources to date have been $55 billion.  Here is a random sample of *(15) such listings and why we posted them;

However, if you recognize the value of an IR media communications firm that provides diversified IR support to private and public sector clients, and wish to be a client, then proceed to the CONTACT page at the top of this blogfeed.


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