Turn Purchase Order (P/O) funding into an Account’s Receivable (A/R) and then have Secondary Market Exchange buyers bid on it

As a general rule, P/O letter providers must be in business for 2 years and have good credit and revenues.  Here is checklist found on our website of standard questions expected by any ABL funder against validated P/O’s;  http://Globalcrossroadscapital.com/purchase-order-funding-cover.php.

If you get approved for purchase order (P/O) funding there is now an option to turn it into an accounts receivable (A/R) and post the A/R for sale to opt-in private buyers on a digital secondary market exchange who then establish value of the asset and quote a price and make an offer. 

Secondary market exchanges work so well that Facebook was selling on one and compounded it’s valuation 10x over an 18 month period before it’s IPO opening price of $100B in 2012.  We have reported on secondary market exchanges for years at http://www.free-press-release.com/news/print-1303514861.html

Here is brief program summary description from a specific market exchange provider that also does ABL funding;

What We Do


We provide an online marketplace for sellers of accounts receivable and private equity to post for buyers, lenders and investors who are looking to invest in solid businesses. The buyer is typically an institutional investor such as a bank, hedge fund manager or venture capitalist. Once approved, a seller can post as little as one receivable or more. It is the seller’s decision. As the intermediary, our receivables market firm earns a nominal administrative fee for providing this service.  We also provide Purchase Order financing and Asset Based Lending.

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