100% LTV and LTC on NEW Construction both national and international

Date: Wed, Mar 27, 2013 at 7:05 AM
Subject: ~~~~~~`100% on NEW Construction~~~~~~~
To: ir@globalcrossroadscapital.com

Direct Private Lenders

100% LTV & LTC

We Fund when Others won’t! NATIONWIDE & INTERNATIONAL

Hello: Private Lenders WANT INCOME PRODUCING!!

Several of my Direct Nationwide Private Lender’s is currently looking to put out more capital. Their main loan product is 3 months to 2 year commercial bridge and hard money financing. loans are Structured on an interest only basis with no prepayment penalty and will have to be in the first lien position. $1,000,000 and Up They will also ROLL into a Permanent Loan!!

100% FUNDING of Bal Owing (….FOR RE-FINANCE! (Subject to Appraisal)

Up to 90% LTV on Purchase ! 100% on New Construction/ UP TO 78% of Completed VALUE!

1 Raw Land Purchase with Construction of 7 units or more of Single-family

2. Purchase of Mixed-use properties / Construction or Upgrade Remodeling

3. Purchase of Gas Stations / Upgrade Remodeling

Properties that they will consider:

1. Multi-family with 5 units or more

2. Mixed-use properties

3. Office Buildings

4. Retail Centers

5. Warehouses/Office Warehouses

6. Light Industrial Buildings

7. Groups of N/O/O condos

8. Rehab Loans (case by case basis)

9. Grocery Stores (case by case basis)

10. Mobile Home Parks (case by case basis)


If your a client go here to Submit your Project **

If your client is in need of a time sensitive acquisition, refinance, bank work out or short pay-off Complete the Loan App so we can Fund your Loan.

Best Regards,

– – – – –

Globalcrossroadscapital.com is not a seller, buyer, lender, funder, or investor. If you are interested in & are eligible for the funding programs above you must be a client to proceed. The procedures in being a contractual client are disclosed abundantly on our website & blogfeed.

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