Defining the narrow niche of capital categories that qualify as a success-fee only referral broker task

(*this page is found on fee option #2 on FEE OPTIONS page located on the LEFT column of the homepage of GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM).  Fee option #2 clearly states tasks that can be done in 30 days (or less) and is one of the types of capital listed below.  Note: it says PROOF required at least 6x on this page.)

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Many ASSUME that mobile image branding, telemarketing, algorithm marketing, analysis, strategy advisory services, distressed asset procurement, research, cost containment, fed government contracting, public works (P3) campaigns, valuation, commodity buy-sell negotiations, commercialization of technology, international trade logistics and the rest of the tasks provided by IR firms and investment bankers are automatically free or some ambiguous broker commission for non-broker tasks. A kind of “I’ll pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today”.

And for some reason they also erroneously assume all of the above is done by one person rather than a staff. Both assumptions are FALSE. Fact is, the dictionary describes a commission as a “percentage of a quantifiable sum”; which disqualifies everything above as only commission orientated. Quantifiable is the opposite of ambiguous.

Some prime examples of non-broker marketing or other support services include call center CRM service for PPM’s, distressed asset disposition, commodity buy-sell offers, and EB-5 foreign investors or convertible debt offerings to a WIDE reach of angel or accredited small-cap individual investors. All require considerable labor staff and all which tend to take weeks or even months.

So what is a “referral” broker? It is no more than an introduction of A to B based on both existing database resources and a simple hard money or (ABL) asset-based lending or funding transaction under 30 days*. (*With PROOF of funds or PROOF of assets owned) So, we are left with a narrow niche of what counts as asset-based funding monetization Here is the short list >contingent< on client providing PROOF of funds or assets;

(1) ULOC – Unsecured lines of credit $300K in 2 weeks – requires 700+ credit score & proof of income

(2) Accounts Receivable (A/R)

(3) Purchase Orders (P/O’s)

(4) Financial instruments (BG’s/SBLC’s/MTN’s etc.)

(5) Trading public stock/bonds*   (*does not mean non-listed, dormant, or PPM’s)

(6) Export contracts

(7) Government contracts

(8) Distribution agreements & tax credits (film industry)

(9) Hard money (acquisition or refi; both require POF’s min. 35% LTV)

(10) Hard assets (real estate, fine art, gold, jewelry, coins, wine, antiques, etc.)

(11) Proof of funds (POF’s) or 1-day transactional finance (usually for real estate

(12) EMD – Ernest money down – to $50K (for fix & flip real estate)  This costs more for us to do the work then what we’d make.

This list has been mentioned before on COMPONENTS of a CONTRACT / DEFINITION of a CLIENT / sliding-scale SUCCESS FEES (from 1%)>>> <<<

Yes, you must be a contractual client and show PROOF of any of the above to proceed and close. PROOF of funds or PROOF of assets IS mandatory if you expect us to work solely on ‘success fees’ that hopes you succeed in meeting funding approval criteria

* If you wish to be a client proceed to the CONTACT page at the top of this blogfeed and follow the instructions.


2 thoughts on “Defining the narrow niche of capital categories that qualify as a success-fee only referral broker task

    • We are an IR media communications firm. We are in the business of generating new clients every week. This includes both private and public sector clients. Both those seeking capital and those offering it. As well as any other IR related service listed at the top of this blogpost. At some juncture, any prospect desiring our services must hire us and that shouldn’t have to be explained year after year. First step to proceed is found at the CONTACT page at the top of this blogfeed.


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