Why do people ask us what we charge before they tell us what they are authorizing us to do AND illustrate what they are eligible for AND prior to reading our website/blogfeed?

Our CONTACT page is the last page on our company website for a reason. 80% of the questions anyone would have when considering being a client for IR support services are anticipated in the pages that proceed the contact page.

Globalcrossroadscapital is an investor relations (IR) firm as indicated atop our homepage and here http://SinCityFinancier.wordpress.com/2013/06/21/what-we-do-charge-as-an-IR-firm-depends-entirely-on-the-unique-needs-number-of-services-required-by-client. You must be a client to receive customer support. Our office hours are 9a-5p Monday thru Thursday and 9a-2p Friday, Pacific Time.

The company description for IR media firm GLOBAL CROSSROADS CAPITAL is also succinctly featured on http://www.Manta.com and the company blogfeed is syndicated on the companies own Facebook page and Jeffrey Allen’s own Wikizine featured on Zimbio and on http://www.Nevadafilm.com. 80% of most prospects questions are already anticipated online.

Due to the volume of "anonymous" inquiries we get; those without name, company, & skype/phone number cannot be >assignedaccount executive< and thus are >discarded<. Anonymous inquiries do not constitute being a client. This means Do NOT send 25-page biz plans and endless attachments prior to being a client.

Jeffrey D. Allen, CEO
US Vet-owned, SBA-certified, DUNS-listed IR media firm

Comp consultation 1000+ finance topic blogfeed


skype phone: SinCityFinancier
social media: Top 50 sites

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