3rd real estate lender featured on this blogfeed spells out client confidentiality policies that debunk myths assumed by borrowers

Someday it will dawn on borrowers that prior successful deals closed with any funder has no bearing on YOU meeting funding approval criteria. But the breach of client confidentiality sure has both statute violation and civil liability issues anywhere. It’s also true that angel investor groups routinely reject 95% of dealflow on the grounds of being incoherent, conceptual, deceptive, or just plain NO skin in game.

Date: Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 5:47 AM
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ABC Direct Private Lenders

100% LTV & LTC

We Fund when Others won’t! NATIONWIDE & INTERNATIONAL



IMPORTANT INFORMATION for ALL Brokers and Co-Consultants!!

From the FAQ Page "Please READ"!!

Does Direct Private Lenders Inc. provide references?

We do not

for the Reason that at Every Closing we do, our clients sign a "Privacy Disclosure" form among other legally binding disclosures. This Prevents Potential clients and brokers from calling our "closed Clients", asking them Stupid Questions, Just to ease a client or broker’s skepticism." Sometimes we get arrogant brokers that claim to be in the business for 15+ years and they want to become "The FBI" and interrogate how we do business.

If a broker claims to be in business for 15+ years, they should already know that Private Lenders CAN NOT provide references due to signed legally binding disclosures unless a client is willing to accept their info being publicized. (and few do)

So that makes you wonder, have they really been in the business that long? Or if they have been a successful broker that long? Hmm!!! Think about it Does your neighborhood bank provide references?

No! So why should we? BE AWARE(…….Yesterday I Just Deleted 3 Brokers that "DEMANDED" that I provide Client Information!! This is PRIVATE Banking!



This Private Lender will LOAN 99% LTV on ANY PROJECT The Principal needs to provide"Proof of Funds", for the 1% CASH "ONLY"! There is NO ESCROW Used. Money is Wired DIRECT to Client on Construction OR SELLER (in case of Purchase) Close in 5-7 Days from Receipt of Information! LARGE $100 Milion + Requests Desired!

  • $1,000,000. –$500,000,000
  • Loan for 5 Year Blocks
  • 7.5% Interest Only (Option for 30 Yr Amort)
  • NO-Pre-Payment
  • Funding in 10-14 Business Days from Submission
  • NO Credit Check
  • NO Appraisals
  • International Funding
  • $1,000. Non-Refundable Application Fee


***Than You can Submit their Projects to My Other Private Investors that Have These terms!!!

Asset Funding – Bridge Lending – Refinance

  1. $4950 Retainer Fee (Credit At Closing ONLY) for Access to these Private Lenders! (eliminates window-browsers)
  2. 1st Position MTG ONLY !**
  3. 80-85 % MAX LTV ** May be as Low as 45-50% of Borrower Loan Request
  4. Personal Guarantee **
  5. 15-20% Down Payment **
  6. NO Seller Carry-Back **
  7. FULL DOC **
  8. Pre-Payment Penality **
  9. MIN Credit Score 680 **
  10. Lender Appraisals (For Real Estate) **
  11. Variable Int rate (Hard Money Starts at 10-13% **
  12. Construction = Draws after All "Receipts" are Received and an Inspection done. **


  • NO Start-Ups (Period)!
  • NO Technology
  • Very Limited on International Funding ($5M MIN)



Direct Nationwide Commercial Lenders

– – – – – – – – –

GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM is an IR media firm and not a lender, funder, investor, buyer, seller or broker-dealer. If you have interest and are eligible for the above programs you must be a client to pursue them. First step in being one is to read the CONTACT page at the top of this blogfeed.

4 thoughts on “3rd real estate lender featured on this blogfeed spells out client confidentiality policies that debunk myths assumed by borrowers

  1. Pingback: Charisse Sandor

    • “Funding pattern”? No clue what that means.
      I’m guessing you mean focus and terms.
      Every term sheet on our blogfeed usually has funders sector or industry focus and the terms summed up as to what is required of borrower to qualify.

      We are not an advisory firm for every window browser. If we were then we certainly would charge to do so just like every other advisor.


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