Quotes from Linkedin: New comment on “Film Break Even Point according to Forbes and Moviemaker.com”

Brent Barker is with a boutique investment firm with wealth management, real estate, advisory and investment divisions. He holds a real estate license and two FINRA securities licenses 22 & 63.


Movie Investors Worldwide
Film Break Even Point according to Forbes and Moviemaker.com
Yes Jeffrey, film making is a hobby if the producer is not completely focused on making a profit. The odds are remarkably low of being successful and the capital risk is extraordinary. Only one third of theatrically released films are profitable and 15% of the Indie films recover their costs. (break-even) These are the cold facts why film making is a love of art or hobby as you call it. It is also evidence why reality TV and other low art work has become so popular. Their production costs are low, production is fast and market share is defined in advance. Thanks for the compilation of data – Hollywood is run by an elite few and on top of the carnage of many dreams and dreamers. brent
By Brent Barker
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