Short list of specific types of Film Finance

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A numerical amount of capital is not a TYPE of capital. A numerical amount is $500K or $100M. But types of capital are diversified; especially in the film industry. Here is a short list of about 30 specific types of film finance. All require you meet funding approval criteria.

(1) Senior & mezzanine revolving debt capital

(2) Entertainment asset-based lending (ABL) commercial bank

(3) Entertainment asset-based lending (ABL) private sector

(4) State film gap guarantees;

(5) State film tax credits

(6) State film back-end profit participation production loan

(7) Distribution agreement (P/O) or pre-sales receivables finance

(8) Post-production completion funds

(9) Completion bonds (for budgets $2M+)

(10) Project finance reinsurance guarantees finance regardless of cap limit, industry, or demographics and 1 reinsurance firm is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway owned by billionaire Warren Buffet

(11) Private sector “Traveling” tax exemptions (can be combined with state credits & Sec.181)

(12) Public-private sector product placement barter

(13) Pre-IPO or equity revolving credit lines (ELF’s) (min. EBITDA required $2M) Specific source;

(14) Financial instruments monetization (BG’s/SBLC’s) Several specific sources can be found on this blogfeed.

(15) Print & advertising finance (P&A) 6 specific sources;

(16) A/V equipment finance

(17) EB-5 foreign investors (**)

(18) SBA – Small Business Investment Companies (SBIC)

(19) EXIM Bank pre-sales export working capital guarantees

(20) Payroll finance;

(21) FOREX – foreign currencies exchange finance (leverage purchasing power on overseas shoots);

(22) CGI/3-D and Video game to feature film investment banking are among 7 types of film finance;

(23) Royalties factoring

(24) Indie-film distribution transactional 1-day finance;

(25) Direct source of 2 types of equity. Debt to equity conversion bonds and PIPES;

(26) Film futures or derivatives finance;

(27) 144A bond offering of 100% non-recourse finance

Identifying specific types of capital will determine both the DIRECTION & DURATION of an IR campaign enhancing image brand valuation that results in attracting capital markets. Specifying type also helps identify which type you are currently eligible for or not. Here is chart of timelines to close as they apply to different categories;

It is OK to not know every option of film finance or have the labor and time to attract then negotiate and package them all to fund your film. It is more cost-effective and expedient to delegate this to a full-time, fully staffed IR media firm like ours listed on or or

If you can’t illustrate how your eligible for a specific type of capital then don’t ask for it.


(**) (3 more options) USCIS EB-5 foreign investor or PPM’s or convertible debt offerings (all involve WIDE reach IR media campaigns spanning months) are available for clients requesting CRM telemarketing and/or algorithm marketing campaign services on an added-value basis.  Translated:  This is not a 1 man band/bird-dog broker volunteer service.

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GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM is an US Vet-owned IR media communications firm and not a funder, lender, investor, buyer, seller, free advisor or broker-dealer. If you are eligible for and interested in any of the funding options above you must be a client to pursue it. First step to be a client is proceed to the CONTACT page at the top of this blogfeed and fill-out the (preliminary assessment) Intake Form.


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