Blogpost #2,000: Vegas IR media firm Top 21 list of WHAT WE DO

GLOBAL CROSSROADS CAPITAL is a US Vet-owned, full-service boutique IR media communications firm that caters to both private & public sector clients. The following provides a bullet-point list of the administrative collaboration / delegation of these CRM tasks to choose from. This list is also featured on our company profile found on and is question #9 on the INTAKE FORM of “Submit Policy” link found on the left side of our homepage.

(left column)

o International financial PR services

o International advertising services

o Algorithm marketing

o Telemarketing services

o International trade services

o Commercialization of technology

o Investor relations communications

o Customer relationship / asset management  (I.E. Strategic analysis / planning / advisory consulting)

(don’t know why people think these multiple non-broker jobs are done by 1 person for months on end for free)

o Hard assets monetization

o Social media CRM & blogger network

o Distressed assets disposition

(right column)

o Government contract & relations consulting services (We are registered on SAM.GOV)

o RFID mobile media branding

o Government funding & collateral

o (EB-5) foreign investor campaigns

o ipTV broadcasting

o (P-3) infrastructure campaigns

o Wirefeed broadcasting

o Product placement barter

o Talk radio podcasting

o Equity markets research

This list is not conclusive and SERVICES & PRICES ARE TAILORED per OPT-in request of clients DIVERSIFIED NEEDS, DEADLINE and >BUDGET< that determine DIRECTION & DURATION of an IR campaign and what level of staff and logistics are requested. (see fee options on homepage)

If you need CRM services on an A/R DEFERRED PAYMENT flat-rate basis up to 1 year notify us asap. Details are;

Our office break-even operational cost is from $25K per month x up to year per client depending on the level of staff & logistics they request.  This office break-even cost does not include labor break even cost nor assume a 25% profit margin.


(* This is an initial draft for a dynamic Infographics squeeze cover page)


4 thoughts on “Blogpost #2,000: Vegas IR media firm Top 21 list of WHAT WE DO

    • The answer to any kind of submissions is already addressed on SUBMIT POLICY page on our company website. Which starts off with prospects answering 10 simple questions on intake form. Such as “are you already a contractual client on file or is this your 1st time inquiry” (for sorting through other 200 a week we get)


  1. Someday it will dawn on people our central focus is marketing, image branding, multi-media broadcasting, and business PR communications. And none of that is “bird-dog” broker tasks. And it isn’t free despite dumb ass assumptions by so many who’s pre-conceived notions and naive remarks tell the world they have never conducted business with any Wall Street financial institutions or PR firms.


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