Continued clarity about US Vet-owned Financial Public Relations, Marketing & Branding firm in Las Vegas

Due to the overwhelming number of prospects and clients claiming to have all types of assets that never materialize; our IR media firm is now enforcing our already posted policy on assigning an account executive to confirm the existence of all claimed assets PRIOR to implementing an IR campaign or simple referral (*). Proof of assets or proof of funds are mandatory if one expects us to work only on commission. Complete details are;

GLOBAL CROSSROADS CAPITAL is an IR media communications firm that caters to the diversified needs of contractual clients in both the corporate and government sector. We are not a lender, funder, investor, “bird-dog” broker, one-man band or volunteer agency. Here is the Top 21 list of what we actually do;

We have indicated our rates for different tasks for years on both our website and blogfeed. But rather than rehash that again we will show a survey of industry prevailing rates for PR firms;

For our account executives to begin assessing clients readiness and goal strategies; 1st step is they need to fill out the Intake Form found on SUBMIT POLICY page of our company website. Or proceed to the CONTACT page at top of this blogfeed and follow the instructions.

(*) If all you need is a simple referral; you can find 100’s of readily available specific funding sources’ terms on this blogfeed. Pick a related KEYWORD to your goal and enter it into the searchbar found to the right side of blogfeed.


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