Got 50% POF’s for film “matching funds”?; then you can afford 14% to “leverage” SBLC’s to finance any film budget fast

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Many film producers seeking capital claim to want “matching funds”. This means J/V or joint venture. 50%/50%. And on Wall Street any institutional hard money lender is going to want proof of funds to even begin due diligence. We’ve encountered those pretending to seek 10% “completion funds” who were actually seeking 10% in startup seed capital.  Also known as “flag” money or walnut shell game.

The consensus is that 90% of those wanting matching film funds don’t have anything to match. See quote at bottom of Furthermore, entertainment bank hard money lenders only require 35% proof of funds and not 50%. A 15% savings.

But why bother with 50% to “match” your funds when you can “leverage” capital substantially? Financial instruments are industry agnostic and issuers are comparable in cost to hard money lenders. One in Beverly Hills charges only 14% to issue stand-by letters of credit (SBLC’s) from Top 10 banks. This is a 36% savings over matching funds (UN)advertised by any institutional funding resource.

Top 10 world bank BG’s and SBLC’s can be leveraged an average of 75% to 90% loan to value (LTV). No additional collateral is needed. And if a “non-recourse” clause is in your purchase contract then any repayment is legally optional. No equity ownership of 51%+ issues either. This specific firm issuing SBLC’s is also approved by the US Small Business Administration to do SBA loans.

It takes no more than 30 days to issue and monetize financial instruments for >prepared and cooperative< clients. Once you have monetized your financial instrument you have another optional choice using some or all of your monetization funds with this other specific funding source offering 95% film funding at

FACT: This process of leveraging rather than matching verifiable funds is the fastest, least expensive way on how to fund any film budget. Even those exceeding $100M.

US Vet-owned IR media firm GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM is the only company well-versed in film finance in the State of Nevada. See our listing under ‘PUBLIC RELATIONS’ on the State Production Directory at

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Yes, financial instrument monetization is applicable to any industry and not just film.

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