New prelim prospect assessment INTAKE FORM for Global Crossroads Capital

1st STEP for prospects considering being a contractual client is to read website & blogfeed for at least 15 to 45 minutes and then fill out this (brief) preliminary assessment Intake Form* (completely) found on the left side of homepage;

Following initial inquiry submissions; our call center staff will reply generally the same business day (during office hours Pacific Time).  Reply will consist of a 10-15 minute VERBAL reply consisting of preliminary assessment of what strategy should be implemented and funding options available that likely are ALREADY listed on this blogfeed.

However, because we close early on Fridays (hours indicated on CONTACT page) all submissions made after >NOON< on Friday will be replied (by phone) by the next Monday due to backlog and the fact we close at 2 pm on Friday.


Our customer service options for our IR/PR marketing firm are bullet-point listed on question >9< on Intake form.  They are also listed on the WHAT WE DO page found on the left side of homepage.

(*) Filling out form does NOT make you a contractual client.  It’s called preliminary assessment  Intake Form for a reason.  Furthermore, Intake Forms NOT coinciding with a client contract within 20 days are considered VOID due to volume of inquiries that go nowhere.  In the event you choose to be a contractual client you will be assigned an ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE to determine (AND implement) an effective DIRECTION & DURATION of your IR campaign.

Reading 135 page business plans are NOT done by one person (called analysts) and IF even necessary; is a task reserved for actual contractual clients and not tire-kickers.  Your assigned account executive will make this determination.

And finally, if you mistakenly think financial advisors work for free and want endless free advise spanning months or confuse that as the same as a broker; then that is what this complementary consultation blogfeed is for and says so at the top of this screen.


— This message was sent by ir via Please note that AddThis does not verify email


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