12 Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) listed on Jeffrey D. Allen’s Linkedin.com profile

People sometimes wonder where my skills originate from to “lead by example” or why I “do more before 9am than most do all day”. At the age of 17, my 1st full-time job was in the US Army.

The following list of my military occupational specialties or certifications or job assignments all occurred over 22 years ago. This list is found on my Linkedin.com page as follows;

(1) Paratrooper (airborne infantry)

(2) TOW missile gunner (anti-armor)

(3) Public affairs photojournalist

(4) Mechanized cavalry (recon)

(5) MP (EPW ops) military police

(6) S.F. Demolitions/Explosives certified

(7) Emergency medical tech (EMT) certified

(8) Recruiter (Army achievement award)

(9) Public affairs newsletter editor

(10) Armored personnel carrier (APC) driver

(11) 2-1/2 ton transport truck driver

(12) Firing range instructor (LAW missile)

(13) PRC-77 radio operator

These 12 MOS’s provide for a solid foundation of vocational diversity and illustrate my ability to work “under fire” no matter the task at hand.


Jeffrey D. Allen, CEO

US Vet-owned, DUNS-listed IR media firm


Las Vegas, NV USA

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