How Financial Advisors get paid now

Financial advisory firm’s can be a stand-alone business

or it can be 1 department of an IR media communications firm

For some reason it is prevalent for many to erroneously assume that advisors work for free.  They do not.  Advisors and “bird-dog” brokers are also not the same thing.  Not even close.  Remember; the dictionary describes a commission as “a percentage of a quantifiable sum”.  So what is the quantifiable sum of advisory or consulting services ongoing for months?

3 nation-wide components of FA staff compensation are;

Individual entry-level annual BASE SALARY from $50K + BONUSES median of 50% over salary + EQUITY participation in advisory firm.  Senior management positions can get triple the base salary amount.

So if this is industry standard then why do so many on Facebook or Linkedin think it’s free and somehow illegal to charge to do work? It isn’t. Certainly an indicator they have never dealt with any financial institution on Wall Street or PR/IR firm on Park Avenue.

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