Nearly 1,000 acres of land along Sun Valley / CANAMEX I-11 Corridor primed for population boom from 500K.

The Sun Valley Parkway spans about 30 miles. It is centered between Buckeye, Morristown, and Surprise. The region is about 50 miles west of Phoenix, Arizona. The nearly 1,000 acre land parcel for sale is near the Central Arizona Project (water canal), State trust land, & mountain park.

The southern end of the Sun Valley Parkway is nearby the proposed intersection of Interstate Highway’s 10 and 11.  I-11 will originate at Casa Grande, Arizona to converge with I-10 and I-8 to the south and by-pass Phoenix entirely going to Las Vegas to the north.

Besides Phoenix and Las Vegas; this logistical transportation APEX include routes to Los Angeles to the west.  The expected population for the surrounding 160 square miles of land is at least 500,000 people by 2050.

With energy power already in place with the nearby Wintersburg nuclear power plant… the Sun Valley boom has been projected for nearly 10 years;


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