Direct $5 billion Global Mezzanine Fund offers better alternative to equity funding

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From: via linkedin
Date: Thu, May 22, 2014 at 11:46 AM

To: “Jeffrey D. Allen” <>

From: Managing Fund Principal
To: Jeffrey D. Allen, CEO

Las Vegas, NV

Our Canadian Mezzanine Fund with over $5 billion USD (€4 billion Euros) under management, and are capable of funding anywhere in the world; except where sanctions, embargo’s, or prohibitive currency policies would preclude us from doing so.

Because we are the fund, we do NOT charge processing or any upfront fees. We invest in a variety of industry sectors and are capable of investing, up to, 100% of the funds you intend to raise. Our investment strategy does NOT require, or convert to, equity at any point in our investment cycle.

Instead, our investment strategy is heavily weighted toward the scaling of the enterprise’s equity value, post our investment, as it relates to commercial credit underwriting standards. This is the reason why the cost of our capital is at highly competitive rates.

We all know that raising capital through traditional venture capital sources, considering current VC rates, will have a devastating net dilutionary effect on the original stakeholders and shareholders of an enterprise.

Conversely, our investment model, for the QUALIFIED credit worthy applicant, is not only CHEAPER than traditional venture capital, but also completely bypasses venture capital’s destructive effects on equity, voting rights, and profit sharing redistributions. Also, by not requiring board seats or other decision making powers as a component of our investment underwriting criteria, we do NOT interfere with the authority of your executive team.

We also specialize in Governmental projects (including BOT and public/private partnerships (PPP’s)) as well as mid-market (SME) public and private corporations. Our funds are CASH on deposit, and NOT lines of credit.

Request minimums: $20M

On May 22, 2014 6:20 AM
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