Film/TV finance eligibility checklist expected by any entertainment or film investment banker

(found on the left side of our homepage)

The percentage of questions below you answer will equate to the percentage chance of being approved. Approval is entirely contingent upon having all supporting docs at time of contractual client submission request. The amount of time it will take to close differs dramatically on the type of capital sought. Typical timelines previously listed are;


Full Name:

Your email address:

Confirm email address:

Your complete street address (No POB’s)

Amount of capital desired from $250,000 (sweet spot for most institutional film funds is from $5M to $20M):

Type of capital desired (type and amount are not the same thing):

Specify Pre/Post production amounts:

Production company name:

Production company street address:

Production company phone:

Production company contact name

Title of movie:

Owner of underlying rights:

Contract being submitted by mail or email?



Individual producers:

Principal cast:


Finance model/Exit strategy:

Production financier (or Bank):

Bank letter of commitment sent via mail or email:

Loan officer:


Status of production financing:

Securities equity investors & name of exchange the securities are listed on (*):

Government Tax credits (35% average) / product placement:

SBLC/BG/MTN financial instruments monetization (preferably $100M+):

Print & Advertising finance (P&A) (can add up to 50% over production budget):

Post-production finishing funds (can add 10% over production budget):

Completion bond guarantor (**):

Insurance wrap (***):


Sales agent:


Sales estimates (provide documentation):




>(*) There are at least 24 types of equity. Equity = securities. PPM’s have no tradeable value to bulk stock buyers. DPO’s are tradeable and cost nearly the same as PPM’s. Also, DPO’s do not require investors to be accredited. Attracting equity is both time and labor consuming.  Selling equity without securites is like selling air.  The SEC calls it securities fraud.

Minimum ROI for equity is typically 25% without deferred or participating clauses in term sheet. If these clauses are triggered the ROI expectation may jump to 70%. Ownership requirement for equity is typically from 51%. Equity typically consists of only 35% of film budget if at all.

>(**) Without a completion bond you cannot attract (LOTS of) individuals or (1 or 2) institutional equity investors. Minimum film budget preferably to justify the acquisition cost for a completion bond is $2M. You must BUY a bond to get one. Bonds are 1 of >many< operational costs in finance.

>(***)  BUYING Insurance wraps are required to be considered an “investment grade asset” by institutional investors.  Recommended for high or slate budgets like over $100M+.  Similar in cost to completion bonds.

GOOGLE “Short list of specific types of film finance” to determine which of 30 type(s) are ideal for your goals.

– – – – – –

GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM is a US Vet-owned IR media communications firm listed on and is not a lender, funder, investor, buyer, seller, trader, free advisor/analyst or broker-dealer. If you wish to be a contractual client proceed to the CONTACT page at the top of the blogfeed.  Or click on the orange company name above.

NOTE:  This blogfeed is not a public bulletin board for non-clients and all spamming will be eliminated asap.  If you have a current need to be a contractual IR client all requests are accepted via our initial submission >INTAKE FORM< found on the left side of our homepage.  Also, do not make requests for mythical ‘faith’ based funding or ask for tens of millions of dollars of cash in a brown paper bag to be ‘given’ to you when you have nothing to qualify.

Also, do not make requests for mythical ‘faith’ based funding or ask for tens of millions of dollars of cash in a brown paper bag to be ‘given’ to you when you have nothing to qualify.  This includes asking for-profit companies to donate you money to support your hobby.

10 thoughts on “Film/TV finance eligibility checklist expected by any entertainment or film investment banker

  1. Thank you very much for sharing such valuable information about film financing eligibility..
    Have a Great Day
    Huge Hugs
    Debbie Starr Jackson
    CEO/producer: The Cinema Allstarrs, Disabled Enabled Entertainment Productions, Lisstarr Productions
    Co-Owner/Founding Investor Legion M Entertainment Inc. ( the 1st fan based owned entertainment company in the world)


  2. I have not read all of your information because I am not certain I understand it all. I would like to know if the company can act as a representative.This will be a major undertaking. Great site and I look forward to speaking with you.


  3. I am a indie filmmaker with two films in post…

    Why is it so hard to read the subtext in the heading. This is not a discussion forum.


  4. Can you supply any comps for pictures that you the client have been funded by actual investment banks? Any referrals that we can speak to “pick your brain” with on issues that have no bearing on if you currently qualify or not?

    (This post explicitly pertains to the national standard approval criteria of investment banks).


    • (1) Comps? Doesn’t that mean comparable? What is this a real estate buying request?
      (2) IR media firms are not funders. Not sure why non-MBA’s always confuse the 2 even though the SEC & Wikipedia don’t.
      (3) Ask any investment bankers that question and see what reply you get.
      (4) Pretending referrals were freely given out on Wall Street; in what way would that help YOU qualify?
      (5) Why is it the few people who ask for referrals to bug others but don’t want other tire kickers to bug them?
      (6) If you can’t fill out the questionnaire above (few can) then in what way do YOU qualify and for what?
      (7) Always wonder how film producers get credits on IMDB for films they have yet to make.
      (8) Puzzled how many film production companies are also listed as financial service providers on IMDB. Sorry but if you are approved and receive funding… that makes you a borrower not a financial service firm.
      (9) Success of is predicated on borrower The only time that isn’t true is when you panhandle for donations from the 3F’s on indiegogo.
      (10) With ALL the non-paid film jobs on Facebook offered by film producers with 0 budget; it’s amazing if any have ever approved for Wall Street says the percentage is 1-5%
      (11) Those claiming to sell equity doesn’t make it so. Selling equity without securities is like selling air. Or securities fraud.


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