Film Slate Finance Steps spanning 1 year done the right way – Top 12

(*Not all 12 selections below has a coinciding further details linked page mentioned; but that does not mean that all have not already been listed 1 or more times on blogfeed.  You can reference most by entering a related KEYWORD in the search bar in the upper right corner of blogfeed and find in seconds)

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The following constitutes advisory services that does coincide with labor delegation, prelim-assessment, due diligence, and task implementation. This process takes weeks even months depending on type or type(s) of capital.  There is no such thing as 100% finance merely for the asking in 1 week. Crowd donation panhandling does not require qualifying nor repayment and therefor is not finance.

The following >TOP 12< film slate finance “packaging” sequenced steps are;

(1) JV/PPP (lowest cost entry to highest leverage in shortest span of time)

(2) State film tax credit monetization

(3) Purchase order finance (foreign pre-sales volume below choice #10)

(4) SBLC instrument monetization on non-recourse basis (no repayment legally required)

(5) DPO registration with SBLOC monetization.  (Securities-backed lines of credit of a Direct Public Offerings does not require accredited investors)

(6) EB-5 telemarketing & government relations campaign

(7) Product placement barter (with corporate & government sector)

(8) Film finishing funds (can average 5 to 10% of production budget)

(9) P&A finance (can average 20 to 50% of production budget)

(10) Forward-sales funding for slates inside 30 days from $100M.  Think purchase-orders or pre-sales.  Must have investment grade buyer.

(11) Incorporate in 35% corporate tax-exempt Nevada (cost containment is an aspect of IR support)

Combination of all steps can achieve $100M+ in capital. Enough for a slate of 10 films assuming $10M each with majority of finance NOT being on equity basis. Remember, most of Wall Street investment in films rarely exceeds 35% securities equity anyhow.

Raising capital is only 1 component of what an IR firm does.  Enhancing valuation and cost containment also come to mind.  Especially when it comes to reducing corporate & capital gains taxes which can eat 35% of gross revenues.

Why not raise capital and cost taxes at the same time?  And why does raising capital always have to come from an external source?  Why not internal…like employees?.  And no I do not mean empty air promises of “deferred payment.”


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GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM is a US Vet-owned IR media communications firm listed on (and imdb) and is not a lender, funder, investor, free advisor/analyst, or broker-dealer. If you have interest and eligibility in any of the above programs you must be a contractual client. 1st step to become one is to proceed to the CONTACT page at the top of this blogfeed and follow the instructions.  You can also click on the orange company url above.


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