Recapping: 10 keywords that indicate prospects are asking for free advisory support even when they deny that’s what they are doing

Prospects calling our IR media firm constantly ask for free advisory support and then deny this is what they are doing. Why? Because we reply by indicating the obvious that IR campaign advisory support isn’t;

(a) done in 15 minutes

(b) done by one person

(c) done for free on Wall Street

(d) and that our website & blogfeed already anticipate answers to 80% of most questions for free for those who read

We have no idea why so many pretend that advisory firms cannot charge to provide customer services. The fact is the following diversified fee structure is how advisors really get paid in the 21st century as reported in Financial Planning Magazine;

Whenever prospects use any of the 10 following keywords we know they are seeking time and labor consuming advisory support;

(1) Explore

(2) Theorize

(3) Judgment

(4) Suggestion

(5) Opinion

(6) Advice – chat

(7) Recommendation

(8) Discuss – Run this by you

(9) Look into it (market research)

(10) Spread the word (volunteer marketing)

Aside from the issue of providing business development and marketing consulting services for a living and not as a hobby; it is logistically impractical to believe any consulting & marketing firm is done by one person.  Delegation is SOP nationwide.

We have explained most of these keywords in a prior post on the first day of 2015. Here are the details;

(If you have current deadline and wish to be a contractual client proceed to the CONTACT page at the top of this blogfeed and follow the instructions)


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