Producer at Universal Pictures debunks myth about film finance “finder fees”.

From: Patrick McIntire via LinkedIn
Date: Tue, Jun 9, 2015 at 7:02 PM
Subject: Patrick McIntire shared a link ‘Recapping: Reasons why NO budget film producers lack qualifying “credits” in securing film…’ with you.
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Patrick McIntire
Patrick McIntire shared a link with you
Yes I’m aware of all that, Many assume tax credits are collateral & that an LOI is a “commitment”. Both are false. Paying finders fees is another myth unless it’s to a licensed equity securities broker. (*) Hollywood indies try to get around that by naming the finder an executive producer & paying a producers fee. List goes on and on. I do my best to aid & educate indie producers on realities. Nothing in that post was new to me but thanks for sharing.

PM On 06/09/15 02:15PM, Jeffrey D. Allen wrote: Thought you might be interested in seeing this.

– Patrick

(*) True, if equity capital. Marketing equity without securities is fraud. Equity is a minority portion of majority of major films funded. There are 2 reasons why the average percentage of equity in a major film budget is only 35%. The 2 reasons are risk mitigation and leveraging of capital. And equity is far from the only type of film finance. Nor is it the fastest or the cheapest.

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Recapping: Reasons why NO budget film producers lack qualifying “credits” in securing film… • There are an estimated 10,000 films being “pitched” all over for funding per month. Compare this to the average 4 films per week that actually make it to national movie theaters. The majo…
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