Labor Day debut of Vegas IR media firm’s CRM deferred e-payment option

For nearly a decade, we have disclosed task itemized  fees for IR media staff support for marketing, analysis, advisory, etc. on our company website. These OPT-IN FEES are found just below the SUBMIT POLICY on our homepage and remain at the discretion  of contractual clients to choose from based on their individual needs and defined by the DIRECTION & DURATION of an IR media campaign. Client’s have authorized such options on their own company letterhead when hiring our IR firm.

As of 9/15, we are adding a new contractual client approach to submit 1 page digital client contract invoices with 1 size fits all CRM deferred payment  O.A.C. on a monthly or quarterly basis. These invoices will allow CRM e-payment via clients own smartphone, via our company website, via POS with staff, or walk-in at 3,000+ US Bank branches in 25 states.

This  O.A.C. specifically means that customer relationship management agreements will have to be approved by a payroll finance or asset-based A/R funder from day 1.  Under NO circumstances should an annual monthly-prorated deferred flat-fee CRM agreement (option #4) should be confused as related to any transactional percentage or commission.

PARK AVE. PR firms or penny stock promoters or EB-5 telemarketing centers in Manhattan charge a median monthly flat rate of >$25K.< But it isn’t unusual for PR firms to also charge clients millions annually. See details here;

Any type of capital where client insists on confining their options to “attracting” LOTS of small-cap individuals such as PPM’s; then it is SOP nationwide that algorithm or tele-marketing operations will be required. Details here;

Marketing, analysis, advisory, trade logistics, commercialization of technology, & asset procurement begin to list the spectrum of staffing support services our IR media firm provides. Unlike “bird-dog” brokers who only refer A to B based on existing database to “find” abstract capital on the assumption the client meets funding approval criteria.  This spectrum begins to indicate the advantages of long-term “relationship” based IR customer service instead of antiquated transactional support where the client typically incurs REPETITIVE  fees and/or costs. See video;

As a US Vet-owned IR vendor we also provide government-relations support. Here is 1 example where we have offered to administratively collaborate P-3 finance for toll-roads on I-11 between Las Vegas and Phoenix;

Here is 1 example (of many) on our blogfeed of undervalued distressed assets (of all kinds) where we offer investors the ability to cut costs by up to 66% to procure & finance portfolios. The 214 homesites are near Lake Geneva at;

We also offer equity market research to identify where what demographics or industry sectors are in demand. By knowing where money is flowing to you “find” where it is coming from. Like the billionaires from Malaysia, Australia, and United Arab Emirates flocking to the emerging GLOBAL CROSSROADS of CAPITAL in Las Vegas.

By the end of 1/15, our blogfeed lists over $850B in specific VC sources by name for free. (including the link just above)  Here is example #2 of identifying where billions in a hedge fund are located on an island off the coast of France;

WALL Street Journal in 1/15, reported on the importance of image branding and how P/E firms recognize it’s value to both compound valuation and attract VC;

With the introduction of our CRM DEFERRED PAYMENT O.A.C. option; our increased client PRIORITY will include CRE developers, hard money lenders, film slates, portfolio investors, municipalities or others that have diversified AND recurring  IR needs of at least 1 year.

The IDEAL client will require J/V’s, hard LC’s or ABL monetization from $10M. Clients with a minimum annual transactional volume of $100M will see our flat-rate & deferred fees will be 70% cheaper then the least transactional fee of 1% typically required by “bird-dog” brokers. Assuming the broker-fees are not REPETITIVE  due to multiple transactions.

Remember: If all it took to get approved for funding was to “find” it; then everyone would be approved when billion-dollar transactions do occur in the  US WEEKLY.

* See CONTACT page at top of blogfeed


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