100 year old Wall Street rule: He who controls the purse makes the rules

For at least 100 years Wall Street or any bank has had 1 central rule. He who controls the purse makes the rules. Not the borrower. Even common sense 101 will tell you the same thing.

So why is it so many borrowers try to dictate rules to Wall Street (finance) or Park Ave. (PR) companies of how (and if) they will qualify for funding, what they will pay for the capital, pay for applicable services or costs, or even try to tell them how their departmental SOP should be run? And why erroneously assume 1 person will do the work of 40 people for nothing for month(s) on end?

Who cares about departmental efficiency? Who cares if the CRM cost is more then the potential revenue? Who cares if government regulatory rules are ignored? And lets not forget that borrowers “demand” that the only fee or cost is deceptive BS “Success Fees”.   Which often do NOT even apply to task rendered.  Even the SEC agrees with this rule. Borrowers also often assume funder’s or service providers are going to pay for regulatory or operational costs for the borrower. This too is a fallacy.

How does one equal success of what service providers or direct funder’s do to the success required of borrower to be able to be meetingfundingapprovalcriteria.com?  Remember, there are 4 reasons why investors of any kind reject 95% of all deal flow in the US; incoherent, conceptual, deceptive, or just plain NO skin in game.

One of the biggest examples of the 4 reasons are Hollywood film producers. At least 10,000 film scripts per month are slung like mud against the wall in hopes they stick. And yet only 4 films average per week actually make it to national theaters. Furthermore, Movie-maker.com Magazine indicates 85% of all indie-films do not even break even on their operational costs much less make any profit at all.

Another myth borrowers assume is that a numerical amount of capital is a TYPE of capital when in fact it is not. But the funding approval criteria and the amount of time it will take to get approved will in fact be substantially different based on the type.  So what are the chances of borrower meeting approval criteria for a type of capital they can not even identify as a goal much less illustrate eligibility for? Let’s admit that “I’m looking for an investor” is so vague it’s meaningless. WHAT KIND?

If I had a dollar for every caller who has ever said “Oh, you mean I gotta hire you in writing?  Well, I’ve been working for 20 years and that never occurred to me”.  This tells the world the person has never work for or been a contractual customer of Wall Street or Park Ave.

The last myth buster is this demand that borrowers have that all it takes to get funded is to “find” it. If this was actually true then everyone would already be approved. Especially when there are billion-dollar transactions occurring in the US WEEKLY. Just how does one “find” capital anyhow? Use hand or smoke signals?

By the end of 1/15, this finance blogfeed has disclosed $850B in specific yet diversified funding sources by NAME for FREE for those who still cling to this myth to “find” capital.

But if you realize the cost effective value of an IR media firm to enhance your firms valuation in ATTRACTING  capital; then proceed to the CONTACT page at the top of this blogfeed.


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