Investor relations (IR) COMM Center building and A/V equipment procurement cost analysis

IR COMM center has 10 A/V distinct departments: algorithm, streaming mobile, blog talk radio & RFID, QR stamp, telecommunications, VOIP telephony, social media, blogging syndication & cloud

A center size: to 5,000 square feet

Building acquisition cost: $344,900  (was $359K)

2 Location: walking distance near Las Vegas Convention + near Decatur / I-215

A/V equipment procurement list:

ROOFTOP A/V: Satellite internet dish, parabolic antenna, solar panels

Cost estimate: $30K

ROOM A/V: Server rack, Ethernet switch, 1,000 Mbps powerline boxes

Cost estate $30K


1 terrabyte hard drive space main computer with 16 to 32 GB ram speed and dual quad processors

6 flat-screen TV monitors 20″- 24″ and VGA distribution amplifier

wireless phone with charging station & timer

skype phone headset & mic

1 power strip & surge protector

wireless printer, router, modem

CRM software

computer maintenance (IT) phone support

talk radio audio mixer board & mic


furniture cost not included

Cost estimate: $40K


Of building and external and internal A/V equipment combined minimum: $455K*

(*nearly the same as annual operating break-even cost of $400K flat & deferred rate per client)

Procurement list & cost analysis is subject to revision

Other city location candidates:  Tucson, AZ; Denver, Co., Dallas, TX, Chicago, IL estimated annual operating cost per city; $1.2M (does not include corporate taxes)


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