“Bird-dog Finders” vs. “ Biz development Consultants”

GLOBALCROSSROADSCAPITAL.COM is a US Vet-owned IR media communications firm that provides a myraid of strategy consulting services not limited to; marketing, enhancing valuation, risk & cost analysis, business development, government relations & commercialization of technology.

As plain as day it states in the heading of this blogfeed that free consulting services are confined to this blogfeed which anticipates answers to the majority of most IR prospects questions. Management also reserves the right for the sake of caseload efficiency to delegate account executives to determine the preliminary DIRECTION & DURATION of clients IR campaign needs.

NO where on Wall Street do financial advisors, wealth planners, or strategy consultants work for free.  The supporting facts for this have been disclosed for years on this blogfeed.  But we offer finite free consulting for prospects on this blog feed and adjoining company website at top..  Actual clients that have opted for DEFERRED-PAYMENT fee option #4 will be assigned an account executive to receive ongoing comprehensive consulting support services to 1 year.

Let’s admit that if all it took to get funded was to “find” abstract types of money that are GUARANTEED no qualify no down funding in 24 hours; then everyone would already be approved. Especially when billion-dollar transactions are occurring in the US WEEKLY. Examples of this fact have been listed on this blog feed for the last 5 years.

“Finders vs Consultants” (who focus on tasks tangentially-related to attracting capital) contributing article follows.  Here you can see for yourself that the SEC makes it it illegal to charge commissions only in most cases but DOES permit non-broker >monthly < or >flat-fees< >before< and >after< each round of capital;

Source: “Finders” vs. “Consultants”


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