Can this Oakland businessman create 2,000 jobs from overseas EB-5 investors?; from San Francisco Business Times

As great as EB-5 financing is; one thing it is not is fast. EB-5 campaigns are well known to take up to a year at least.  Even longer for billion-dollar projects.  They also require telemarketing and government relations support services.  (Neither of which is a broker)  So what government agency is involved and how long does that take?

This investor  relations (IR) call center mentioned below already has 175 employees with a goal of 1,000 employees by the end of 2016. At that pace you would have to recruit, train, supervise (and retain) up to 3 new employees every day.

Each employee at the following call center gets paid $14 an hour + annual bonuses worth several thousands + medical benefits.  The only call centers in the US that work only on commission are known as “boiler rooms” which average 50% commission of funds raised

The following call center also claims to make over 100,000 phone calls per day.  However, assuming a 10 minute call each employee can only make 48 calls in an 8 hour day.  The actual generation of leads for this call center are made by a subsidiary.

Also note that regional EB-5 centers only deal with EB-5 finance and are called regional for a reason. And that region might be just a state or county or 1 city.  The focus for the one below is in Oakland, CA.

And finally; EB-5 investors seek tangible, collaterialized, securities, revenue-type investments.  (pre-sales is a revenue)  No surprise that their #1 choice is commercial real estate.  Like current office towers in Seattle or hotel-casinos in Las Vegas.  This does not dismiss other industries so long as they have any of the above.

San Francisco Business Times
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Can this Oakland businessman create 2,000 jobs? Hundreds of Chinese investors eager for green cards are betting on it

Published: August 13, 2015

On the fourth floor of the historic Tribune Tower in downtown Oakland, a chorus of voices fills the room.

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