The common denominator of why FIVE finance TYPES require mass-marketing

No, algorithm/ SOMOCLO/ telemarketing is not done by 1 person and it is not free.

The common denominator for several TYPE(s) of capital is the words “mass-audience of individuals”. Marketing is obviously required when ever you are attracting a mass-audience of individuals for specific types of capital like; EB-5, debt-to equity conversion debentures (bonds), 144A non-recourse bonds or Self-Directed investing like monetization of 401K plans and ESPECIALLY non-trading PPM’s; which can easily take at least 6 months.  And the latter assumes your PPM is already registered to begin marketing to individual angel investors

We have already discussed the need for mass-marketing for the first 3 finance types above. Conversion rate of call volume at call centers has always been modest. As low as 2%. So 10% would be considered good. And the call volume per out-bound caller, assuming 10 minutes each, would only be 48 calls a day.

Telemarketing IR centers have been a fixture of attracting capital for most industries since at least the 1970’s. You can still find call centers hiring for film finance in the LA Times classifieds today. Today, telemarketing  centers are far more sophisticated and often referred to as >financial marketing< or >IR Call & Data Centers 25% of operations.

We feature 2 Facebook groups called “IR Call & Data Centers” and “Finance & Business Trade Shows”. The later features a real estate finance trade show that was hosted in Las Vegas last week. The first keynote speaker was a local company that administrates trust accounts for 401K Self-Directed individual retirement accounts or IRA’s.

Mass-marketing to raise capital is NOT always required. And there is plenty of other options for finance in any industry that is both quicker and cheaper then the 5 finance types mentioned in this post. But defining  the TYPE or types(s) of capital a borrower is seeking makes all the difference in the world in proving borrower can meet funding approval criteria  and clarify the DIRECTION & DURATION of an effective IR campaign.

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