Six CRM-SEO objectives in 2015 for “Where IT meets IR” firm HQ’ed in Las Vegas

The following CRM-SEO objectives for US Vet-owned investor relations (IR) and public relations (PR) firm are to be implemented beginning from Labor Day 2015 to New Years Eve 2015;

(1) CRM invoice e-billing for approved “deferred payment” to 1 year clients

(2) 1 stop HR for payroll & benefits to include planned ESOP – (I.E Zenefits)

(3) 10,000 backlink building & pings automation & 1,000 squeeze lead pages (I.E.)

(4) Cloud call center with salesforce & livechat integration – (I.E. Talkdesk)

(5) Annual IT computer maintenance phone support from Hewlett-Packard

(6) Innevation Center office space for client collaboration staffing & budgeting

Minimum company staffing output growth as a result of these objectives: 6%+


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