Successful Negotiation Techniques for Sales Professionals webinar cover dealing with “pick your brain” window-shoppers

IR Call & Data Centers fielding “endless requests for info” from exploratory-stage prospects is a paradox for companies in the business of consulting or advisory services. Pretending that was on free on Wall Street; why think it is done by only 1 person and done in 15 minutes?

Our website and the top of this blogfeed above states “the extent of our free advisory service is confined to the blogfeed” for those read for 15-45 minutes prior to filling out INTAKE FORM… and then calling our office.

Combine the volume of time wasters that disrespect the value of expertise, labor & logistical resources of service providers with the additional profit margin erosion from prospects “demands” for last minute term & price concessions; and you see a real problem.

The CEO Sales Solution—Grow your Business by Supporting your Sales Team
Webinar: Successful Negotiation Techniques for Sales Professionals
Frustrated with increasing sales cycles and clients who don’t understand the value of your solution? Attend this Webinar to Improve your Ability to Negotiate Profitable Deals on your Terms and on your Timeframe

shutterstock_16672027.jpg Date: January 28 Facebook Twitter More...
Time: 1:00PM EST
Presented by: The CEO Sales Solution

Benefits of Attending this Webinar:

  • How to effectively uncover your prospect’s core motivation for pursuing the deal early in the sales process, without being blind-sided with price demands and requests for information that put you in a reactive position, robbing you of negotiating power.
  • How to improve your negotiating position through use of non-adversarial techniques to exert pressure on your prospect without impacting the long-term buyer/seller relationship.
  • Understand key techniques that effectively differentiate your solution from the prospect’s other options to speed up the selling cycle.
  • How to preserve your company’s negotiating position through balancing critical terms with price concessions in order to maintain viability of the deal.
  • How to clearly differentiate yourself, company and service to leverage your negotiating power and minimize price concessions through proper quantification.
  • How to uncover and meet your prospect’s expectations without disclosing your own.
  • How to utilize key ambiguity avoidance techniques to minimize the risk of last minute demands for price/term concessions.

Sign up today for this limited seating event:

shutterstock_13431163.jpgYou Will Benefit Most from this Event if you Suffer from:

  • Frequently responding to endless requests for information only to find the client went for an inferior solution at a lower ticket price.
  • Margin erosion from clients demanding last minute term and price concessions.
  • Diminishing levels of expectation that you can effectively close deals on your terms in this economic environment.

You can’t control the economy or your competition. In order to effectively navigate existing market conditions you can only implement strategies to overcome the obstacles in your existing method of generating business. Attend this Webinar to get the most from your current sales opportunities and position your firm for a surge in business when market conditions improve.

Sign up today for this limited seating event:

The CEO Sales Solution • 1060 First Avenue • King of Prussia • PA 19406
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