10 – 5 – 1% sliding-scale “success-fee” and DEFINITION OF A CLIENT page has been publicly disclosed since 2007. See here…

All client contracts solely for ABL/working capital requests should include;

“Sliding-scale to transactional value success-fee (including raising capital) that is contingent on client meetingfundingapprovalcriteria.com   and due at close and paid via bank wire transfer to company account @USBANK.com.”

Options are;   10% over $250K; 5% over $10M; 1% over $100M

– – – – – –

One of the very first pages ever written for my initial website/blogfeed is titled DEFINITION OF A CLIENT; which also details the Lehman-formula sliding-scale commission or success-fee (contingent) on the success of contractual client to be capable of meeting funding approval criteria. Such fees are also called PER Transactional fees, which in principal are not confined to just raising capital; it can also be value of assets procured, value of cost-containment, government contract valuation, image branding valuation and so on.

Such commission/success-fee/or PER  transactional fees for the sake of simplicity are defined a “percentage of quantifiable sum” subject to the Lehman Formula or sliding-scale to (each) transactional value. (Applies to asset-based funding requests that close under 30 days only) This sliding scale is redundantly disclosed publicly on both our website since 2007 and this globally syndicated blogfeed 3.0 since 2010.

It is 1 of (4) distinct fee options mentioned under FEE OPTIONS on the left side of the company website homepage. Each of the 4 fee options recognize that very little of what a PUBLIC RELATIONS firm does has anything to do with “bird-dog brokering”. Lets be honest for a change; “If all it took to get funded was to “find” it then everyone would already be approved. Especially, when there are 100’s of funding sources listed on our blogfeed for free.

Fee option #4 which is both DEFERRED and a flat rate; disregards how many transactions have occurred or what their valuation is within a year. Instead, it recognizes non-brokering tasks associated with a PR/IR firm that provides comprehensive biz development. It too is disclosed on the website, blogfeed and at the top of the Linkedin profile for Jeffrey D. Allen. This pro-rated deferred annual fee option represents upwards of a 60% savings over a transactional fee of 1% of a single $100M transaction. This option recognizes those clients with recurring and diversified IR needs on a cost-effective basis.

The following link can be accessed via both our company website and blogfeed;




also be found

via here on the company email reply signature sent to correspond to every contractual client;

GLOBAL CROSSROADS CAPITAL is an US Vet-owned investor relations (IR) media communications firm that caters to both corporate and government contractual clients. See description atop our homepage and here… http://SinCityFinancier.wordpress.com/2013/07/16/defining-the-narrow-niche-of-capital-categories-that-qualify-as-a-success-fee-only-referral-broker-task. You must be a client to receive customer support. Our office hours are 9a-5p Monday thru Thursday & 9a-2p Friday, PT.

GLOBAL CROSSROADS CAPITAL is also succinctly featured on http://www.Manta.com and the company blogfeed is syndicated on the companies own Facebook page and on http://www.Nevadafilm.com. Complimentary strategy options consultation (is limited to) provided on both the website and blogfeed anticipates 80% of most preliminary questions prospects may have.

Due to the volume of “anonymous” inquiries we get; those without name, company, address & skype/phone number cannot be assigned to an account executive and thus are >discarded<. Anonymous inquiries do not constitute being a client. This means Do NOT email us or send biz plans and endless attachments prior to being a client. Reply to INTAKE FORM ‘s 13 questions on “Submit Policy” page. (found on homepage just above FEE options)

Jeffrey D. Allen, CEO
US Vet-owned, SBA-certified, DUNS-listed IR media firm

Comp consultation 4000+ finance topic/sources blogfeed


skype phone: SinCityFinancier
social media: Top 50 sites


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